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Realistic F1 - More Agressive and Faster AI 2

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Smarter, Faster Ai... on all levels.

More Aggressive, No Frivolous Accidents, Real Racing Line.
1 to 2 seconds faster qualifying times and lap times in all levels.
Amateur to Legend

Make sure you back up all your files. including your database.bin in the database folder

Original Files are included but NOT the database file, make sure you back up your old database at the least.
Also back up your game save folder, in-case it gets corrupted...

tier 1 and 5 are the strongest, so I recommend starting career over in amateur mode.

If you find this Mod too fast and would like to slow it down, and keep this cleaner and more aggressive Ai version instead of the original,
Then just replace the database.bin file with your original, that will slow it down where its only slightly faster then the original Ai

To go back to defaults install the files included marked originals and overwrite the database file with your saved copy.. walla

Happy Driving :confused: :devilish: :cautious: :giggle: :unsure: :sleep: :ninja:
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  1. forgot to include game defauklt files so now they are included!!!

    forgot to include game default files so now they are included!!!

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Can you make a better ai at Monaco?! In 50% race 12 retires!
i did, but rd too it down because codemasters stolen the code, to hide evidance ,, sorry bro try this
Much More Funnier right know :)
Thanks :)

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