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Retrolux Reshade Automobilista 1.6.0

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This ReShade preset for Automobilista tries to give the simulation a more natural look in terms of light, colors, depth without changing the essence of the original work of the creators from Reiza. It tries to be subtle but effective with several post shading techniques that I find to look good on the game.

  • Supports all antialiasing modes from the game even SGSSAA (Sparse Grid Supersampling) with ReShade!
  • Carefully corrected colors with a LUT for a more natural look
  • Dynamic ambient light, ambient occlusion shadows & very subtle bump reflections to give the scene more natural depth.
  • Fine adjusted sharpening to bring out details without overdoing it and a tiny bit of film grain to give everting a believable structure.
  • Extra antialiasing technique to further reduce shimmering. Can be toggled with hotkey.
  • Performance mode that can be toggled with a hotkey that disables a few effects that are not essential but demanding for the system
  • Includes special preset for VR that uses the core LUT and sharpening for image clarity. VR mod link
How to install:
follow the instructions in the readme of the mod readme file &
Open Mod Manager quick guide

Antialiasing Setup for Reshade (NVIDIA)
  1. Enable Advanced Antialiasing in the AMS Configuration dialog and select your desired "Anti Aliasing" Quality.
  2. Use the tool "NVidia Inspector" to set the following settings for Automobilista after each time you changed your AA setting:
    Antialiasing Compability Bit (DX9):
    0x00400000 (Windows 7 & Windows 10 Windowed Mode)
    0x00400040 (Windows 10 Fullscreen, lower performance with reshade)
  3. (Optional) Set your Antialiasing settings to "User Defined" to avoid that the compability bit will be changed after you adjust settings in the AMS configuration dialog.

Latest updates

  1. Updated Preset to 1.6.0 (Latest Reshade 5.0.2 version and OMM Ready)

    Updated to the latest official ReShade 5.0.2 (Addon support) version which includes further...
  2. Updated Preset to 1.5.1 (VRToolkit Update & VR Preset)

    Updated to the latest VRToolkit shader v0.9.4-pre that contains a several additions and...
  3. Updated Preset to 1.5.0 (VRToolkit Update)

    Updated to the latest VRToolkit shader v0.9.3-pre that contains a several additions and...

Latest reviews

I had to come back and review again,tried some of my old mods and this is great it really does improve the quality of ams,bravo...really great work.
Brings this game back to life!! Looks great. Well done.
I really like your preset. Really elevates this old simulation to a much more up-to-date level.
Great job!!! My FPS has improved. Thanks.
Thanks for you feedback and rating Mattos. I just updated the preset to 1.3.0 that should give you more peformance improvements in VR. Give it a try :)
Just great ! Now the graphics come close to R3E (at least in my opinion). It also works according to the instruction. But one question:

@Retrolux: Can you maybe adapt the files so that you can use the "Helimobilsta" again? That would be great :)
Great that it worked as instructed and that you enjoy using it. You can use the "Ask a question" or send me a PM so that I can help to get that "Helimobilsta" working. Guess its using the dynamicUI thing. In that case you you need to rename the d3d9.out back to its original name (d3d9.dll) as instruced. But keep the d3d9_2.old renamed to disable sweetfx which clashes with the reshade plugin.
Fantastic! Takes AMS graphics to a new level, particularly with aspects like the focusing depth of view and similar facets one'd think would require a whole new engine to implement. A pity something like wasn't pursued by the Devs themselves as it could have been a game changer in terms of popularity. Thank you for this and keep up the great job!
Wow now thats some overwhelming feedback, mate! Really makes me happy that I could create something others enjoy as well as much as I do. AMS simply deserves this attention, its such a great sim remained in the shadows for to long. Glad that at least AMS2 raised the popularity for the games reiza created.
Really like how the colors pop on my otherwise bland looking WMR headset.
Do have some background texture flicker but will play a little more with the AA
Great job!
Had hoped it would have worked on Gtr2 VR but not so lucky.
Great to hear that it also works great on WMR headsets. I am using the Index. The flickring can be improved with using 4xMSAA and a bit of supersampling in steamvr. The sharpening shader itself is subtle and does not introduce any additional AA. You can also try to activate the DLAA shader but it costs peformance.

I dont have GTR2 but I am quite sure it can get it working. But It needs a adjusted LUT specifically created for GTR2. Lets see if there is a cheap copy of the game on steam. :)

Btw thx for the nice review!
This looks amazing, such a great work
Thanks mate, glad you like it :)
Excellent, you can change some settings for more fps, or if you don't want sharpening, for instance. ***The LUT is a must-have effect***.

SSAO eats ~30% GPU power on my 2080 @3440x1440, but really makes difference (both inside the car and outside), butI think some AA setting is stuck in my system (I'm changing everything on Nvidia Inspector to find out what is the matter - at least I'm "stuck" on uberultra graphics lol, but I want to save some power).

The game is prettier than anything (except ACC) else if you like crispy graphics, this Reshade profile is highly recommended.
Thanks a lot for your awesome review and your experience for using this reshade package. Glad you enjoy it. I think it shows that AMS1 is visually and technically an awesome experience :). Now only a VR mod would be the icing on the cake even when AMS2 offers that :P

The shading can be quite expensive, especially on large resolutions. Therefore I have configured hotkeys to enable the peformance mode which disables a few effects for more peformance. But as you said you can easily customize it manually by enabling/disabling your desired set of shaders within the Reshade dialog.
too much trouble for nothing, for me look almost the same but the AA look worst vs the reiza settings, i try to put with diablo3 compatibility but i got a black screen, wich btw is the best AA For ams
I guess you did not follow the instructions? Why a bad review instead to ask for help to set it up?
Good work
it s a new game very beautiful
thank u
Great mod for AMS. It really feels more realistic than the standard filters, although it "eats" some of the FPS. But totally worth it. Congrats!
Thanks Limão! In peformance mode you can save some fps without loosing much of the core preset visuals. Especially while racing this is more than enough when the system is week :)
great !!! love it, looks better, i like the game for years now, and the single seaters are just good in this game. Thanks for your work !!! Easy to install.
Then I hope it makes your racing enjoyable. Thanks for your feedback.
Looks awesome! Thank you!
Thanks mate
looks very nice, Top job. Thanks for sharing. might get another year out of ams lol.
Hehe at least it sweetens the time until AMS2 comes out :)

Thanks for checking it out and for the review.
Very cool indeed, gives a real feel and its menu available even on track is great ! just a question... could it be made that when entering the car it goes automaticaly on and when leaving car it goes off? because the UI is not good with the reshade on.

excellent job mate :)
Hmm on the UI it should look good as well. You might need to disable the Extra AA option in case you it is to blurred. Make sure to also set the sweetfx preset to "default" otherwise the look interferes with this mod. Disabling it in the menus automatically is not possible, you can only do this with the hotkeys.
Really good ! Looks much more natural without making bright colours too dark :)
I don't have Home and End on my MSI keyboard (It's Fn+PageUp or Fn+PageDown), so I can't use all your shortcuts. How can I modify them ?
Great that you like it. Avoiding any clipping was important for me as well.

Changing the hotkeys is possible through the reshade menu or the ini files that come with it. But i would not recommend it since it would get overwritten again when you update this mod to a new version. So i might hotkeys that are better to use in a later version. Feel free to post your suggestion in the discussion of this mod.

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