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Retrolux Reshade GTR2 1.5.0

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This Reshade preset for GTR2 tries to give the simulation a more natural look in terms
of light, colors, depth without changing the essence of the original work of the developers/modder intentions.
It tries to be subtle but effective with several post shading techniques that I find to look good so far.

  • Supports all antialiasing modes from the game even SGSSAA (Sparse Grid Supersampling) with ReShade!
  • Carefully corrected colors with a LUT for a more natural look
  • Dynamic ambient light, ambient occlusion shadows & very subtle bump reflections to give the scene more natural depth.
  • Fine adjusted sharpening to bring out details without overdoing it and a tiny bit of film grain to give everting a believable structure.
  • Extra antialiasing technique to further reduce shimmering. Can be toggled with hotkey.
  • Performance mode that can be toggled with a hotkey that disables a few effects that are not essential but demanding for the system
  • Includes special preset for VR that uses the core LUT and sharpening for image clarity. Crewchief + VR mod link
How to install:
  1. Extract the contents of the zip file into the GTR2 game root directory. (It does not overwrite any files, only when updating this preset)
  2. Download the latest CrewChief version and enable it for GTR2 (Beta or above)
  3. Set the "AA Compability Bit (DX9)" to allow all AA modes to work (see instructions below).
  4. Important: Do not update reshade manually when getting the info about a new version when starting GTR2. Instead wait for a new release of this preset as the folder structure etc. is different.
  5. Important: If you are planning to use the VR preset you need to select it in the Reshade config menu. Check the hotkeys below on how to open it and then select the preset with the "_vr" suffix.
  6. Optional: When using VR, configure your settings for your VR Headset. (Check Setup VR section below)
Antialiasing Setup (NVIDIA)

  1. Disable Fullscreen Antialiasing in the GTR2 configuration tool. (GTR2Config.exe) Note: Needs to be started with administration rights to able to store the settings.
  2. Use the tool "NVidia Inspector" to set the following settings for the existing "GTR 2" Profile:
    Antialiasing Compability Bit:
    0x004412C1 (Diablo III)
  3. Choose your desired AA setting. (readme.txt)

Recommendation: At best use the equal pairs of AA settings to avoid extra sampling artefacts.
Like: 2xMS + 2x SGSS or 4xMS + 4x SGSS)

But you can still mix them as you like to get the peformance to visual ratio you want to achieve.
Especially because "Sparse Grid Supersampling" is very heavy on peformance, so you can also leave it off
and only use the regular Antialiasing Settings.


Ctrl+Page Up: Toggle Performance Mode on/off (Keeps the essential effects active)​
Ctrl+Page Down: Toggle Extra Antialiasing to reduce flickering on/off (Causes a bit of blur)​
Ctrl+End: Toggle Reshade effect on/off​
Ctrl+Print: Creates a before & after screenshot in the .\ReShade\Screenshots folder​
Ctrl+Pos1/Home: Enter Reshade config menu (not in VR, use SteamVR Dashboard instead)​

Setup VR Settings:

See :

How to Uninstall:
  1. To temporary disable/re-enable the preset you just need to rename the wininet.dll to wininet.out.

  2. To completly uninstall the reshade preset you just need to remove the Reshade folder inside of
    the GTR2 root folder.

Why does the game look more blurred than before?
You might have forgotten to rename the dlls as told in the install instructions

I have jaggies everywhere and the antialiasing does not seem to work
You might have forgotten to set the correct "Antialiasing Compability Bit" for your windows version with the Nvidia Inspector told in the install instructions.

Performance in VR is really bad with this preset!
Did you switch to the VR preset with the _vr suffix? The regular preset is very demanding and sadly not appropiate for VR yet. Even then the basic vr reshade preset still uses some performance. You can lower your super sampling resolution to compensate for it if needed.

Latest updates

  1. Updated Preset to 1.5.0 (VRToolkit Update + Crewchief Plugin Requirement)

    Update 1.5.0 IMPORTANT NOTE: Requires deinstallation of the old Reshade preset. Store your...
  2. Updated Preset to 1.4.2 (VRToolkit Update & VR Preset)

    Updated to the latest VRToolkit shader v0.9.4-pre that contains a several additions and...
  3. Updated Preset to 1.4.1 (Fix)

    VR Preset: Adjusted sharpening settings to fit the changed shader

Latest reviews

GTR2 is getting really beautiful, I don't think we can get any better now...
Looks great in VR, sharper and more vibrant
Looks and works great!
With a WMR headset you do need to use the none beta of "Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR".
Also could not get the borderless mode to work in WMR. Got a big square black texture in front of the car.
But had no issues with running in windows mode.

The sharping filter is great but also the LUT makes the color looks better special on a old plain LCD panel like my VR headset got.

Saved me upgrading the headset for better color and higher resolution!
Thanks Bjarne :), glad to read that it helps to improve the look for your headset.

The issue with the big square texture is caused by the forced borderless mode and having the window mode disabled on GTR2 config. Will update the instructions with that note.
Sharpening filter included in VR preset is a major improvement with Pimax 5K XR. Performance drop is really minor and well worth the improvement it brings. No problems, no crashes all works nicely.

Thank you for putting it together!
Thanks Iron Wolf, i hope its a keeper for you even when you dont use the LUT :)

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