Roy Hesketh - 1965

Roy Hesketh - 1965 1.01

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"Roy Hesketh was one of only 2 purpose built road circuits in Natal, a coastal province on the East coast of South Africa, the other was Westmead in Durban. Other tracks in the province were generally street venues. Work on the circuit started in 1951 after the city realised its street venue (Alexandra Park) races were no longer suitable. Until its demise in 1981 due to the ever increasing pressure of urban development in Pietermaritzburg, Roy Hesketh was a famous and favourite venue for international series like the Springbok Series and the Easter races, which saw racers from around the world converge on Pietermaritzburg.
On the inside of Quarry, I have placed a memorial plaque for my father, who's ashes were sprinkled there - He absolutely loved Roy Hesketh, and you can see why after a few laps there."
- P. Minnaar

  • 35 pit/grid
  • CSP features + VAO
  • Vintage feelings
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Latest reviews

Fantastic. Thank you
Amazing what a "little" update can do...

Great Stuff !
Love your tracks and all the work you put into it.
Much appreciated!
Great! What IMO would make it even better is a more textured, aged tarmac. Thanks for sharing!
Confirmed: the racing drivers of the 60s were real men...

While it is a superb mod, I would dare to say that in the next version I would like a little more of an aged, battered aspect, to achieve more realism...

Many thanks!
Thank You for a great classic!!!
Thank you so much for the conversion and to Paul Minnaar for his work on this.
One of my greatest regrets as a youngster was the day I chose not to watch racing at Hesketh with my dad, in favour of watching the National MX series on TV. I thought I would go next time, not realising that would be the last ever race day there! Twenty plus years later i did a motorcycle track day there, but the track was not what it used to be.
Thank you for giving us all the chance to experience it virtually.
Very nice, thank you. The only time I had the opportunity to drive Roy Hesketh in real life was in Jan 2015. Sadly, the Sweep and Angels was already gone then.
So much fun -- great flow, perfect road feel
Has become nice. A fun little track.

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