RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 McLaren MCL36 Abu Dhabi Livery

RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 McLaren MCL36 Abu Dhabi Livery 1.0

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McLaren MCL36 Abu Dhabi Special Livery for RSS Formula Hybrid 2022
Also includes Pato O'Ward's livery
Pirelli tires by @Marco17_ok

The livery works for both versions of the car (it's packaged for the S version, so CM will install it for that one, but you can just copy the livery folder to the non-S version if you want to use it with that instead).
Only difference is that on the non-S version there will be no FxPro logo on the front wing, since there wasn't enough space


Latest reviews

Hey, can you make it for FH 2023 please? This is the most beautiful livery in the game.
Great stuff.

Will you make them and the others for FA22 too?
Good job bruh
Thank you so much:)
Wow, beautifully done!
Awesome, thank you :D
And he's done it again! Lovely work, thank you!

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