RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 Mercedes W14 Livery

RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 Mercedes W14 Livery 1.2

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Mercedes W14 livery for RSS Formula Hybrid 2022
Tires by @Marco17_ok
Driver suits and gloves by @Hoksu

The livery works for both versions of the car (it's packaged for the S version, so CM will install it for that one, but you can just copy the livery folder to the non-S version if you want to use it with that instead).


Latest updates

  1. Update 1.2

    - changed Russell's numbers to blue - added nuvei logo - adjusted size/position of some of the...
  2. Update 1.1

    - added colored stripes on the halo - added FIA logo - added Petronas logo on the side of the...

Latest reviews

Awesome :D
Nicely done!
Thank you so much for creating these liveries for the 2023 season, each one looks stunning.
Awesome work on these shadow118, so much effort goes in to making accurate car skins - just need that Alpine and we're set!! ;)
The best one yet! cheers
top job! Thanks ur the best!
nice F1
That was fast. Good job mate
Fantastic work, thank you!
I've been waiting for this more than my birthday. Thanks!

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First release
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