RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 Alfa Romeo C43 Las Vegas Livery

RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 Alfa Romeo C43 Las Vegas Livery 1.1

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  1. Update 1.1

    - removed Aximtrade logo from the nose - added Everdome logo to the halo - fixed the preview on...

Latest reviews

In my opinion top 3 liveries of 2023. I leave a video on the Las Vegas GP. very good work, thank you very much
Dai cazzo!!
This is incredible! Looks perfect. Very hopeful that you make the Alpine Vegas livery, I love the camo design! Would also love the Williams COTA livery so Logan Sargeant can have that big American flag on his car!
fantastic work! really hope for your version of Williams
this is great, as always!

are ya doing any of the other vegas liveries, like ferrari?
Ferrari yes, for the rest don't know yet
Simply perfect as always thank you for your work !!!
Top as always! Thanks for all your works. Have you a plan to make a Red Bull livery used at Cota?
looks awesome!
Everything is great but preview file of Bottas is wrong
Just perfect
Breathtaking work as always. Thank you!

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