RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 Ferrari SF-23 Livery

RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 Ferrari SF-23 Livery 1.3

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Latest updates

  1. Update 1.3

    - updated logos to as they are as of Spa (thicker border around Shell logo, adjusted skirt...
  2. Update 1.2

    - changed Sainz's number - changed Global Poker to VGWPlay - some other minor things
  3. Update 1.1

    Found a way to get rid of compression artefacts, without affecting the filesize v1.0 v1.1

Latest reviews

Great work, though like with the Pride Month Alpines, I would have preferred the Spanish GP version of Sainz's livery to be a separate download so I don't have to roll the skin back to its previous version for other races.
Perfect thanks
Would be awesome to have 2 separate versions with Sainz's and Leclerc's home race numbers and the normal ones, if it's not asking too much
Top Job, as always
Just the best
Amazing mate, Will you be updating these with new sponsors?
Awesome stuff shadow118, love the Ferrari liveries this year. BTW I dropped a vid on the youtube tonight and linked your skins - hopefully you get some paypal visits!!
Great work, thanks alot!
excellent! thanks! really appreciate your awesome work!
Great skin, as always!
Superb work! Thank you very much.
Great skin, as always!
Anyway: I don't know if this has to do something with my settings but i can see some pixelated colorgrading (different shades of red)
Those are DDS compression artefacts, not much I can do about those unfortunately.
Wow it's perfect! Thanks!
You do a Amazing Job making Car liviries <3
yet, another wonderful job! thx mate
Amazing skill as always!
Flawless as usual, thanks a lot !
83Mbs a single skin... when will RD force a compression for the skins?
They already are compressed. The dimensions are quite big. Without compression they would be something like 200Mb, if not more

Latest News

File size
54.6 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.92 star(s) 26 ratings

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