RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 Mercedes W14 Livery

RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 Mercedes W14 Livery 1.1

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  1. Update 1.1

    - moved Petronas logo forward - reduced the size of the AMD logo - added yellow gloves for...

Latest reviews

You're the best source of current-year F1 skins for AC; fantastic work as always.
Perfect thanks
Shadow118's set of skins are one of the best (if not the best currently) available skins for the F1 season.
Also, most consistent structured when you want to collect al teams and not have a mess in contentmanager.

With cars like the RSS FH202x , skins like these and trackskins like Pyyer's , CM and CSP, AC blows EA dead out of the water with its cashgrab of a game.
shadow118 works are best in class as ever! Thanks for keeping the fun & love alive !!
Looks great shadow118, dropped a vid on the youtube tonight and linked your skins - hopefully you get some paypal visits!!
Great work, thanks alot!
Great skin. You will add the inscription Solera on the steering wheel, as it is done in Alpha Tauri AT04 from TheSourceOfTheNile?
Thank you, I can't wait for the next part.
Top work!
I Love You making Car Livries!
excellent! thanks for the good work!!
perfect work as always
Just perfect as usual, thanks so much for your uploads ; )
Another incredible livery from you.
Thank you again for another fantastic livery, it looks fantastic.
well done
fantastic work again!!

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