Seattle Seahawks skins for Mazda 787b

Seattle Seahawks skins for Mazda 787b 1.2

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Hi there! :)
acShowroom 2015-02-01 20-38-57-77.jpg

I figured, since Super Bowl coming (this sunday) and since no one seems will do it... I decide to make this skin for Assetto Corsa.
Skins are fictional, of course.
Btw I root for New Orleans Saints but they nowhere near Superbowl so...

acShowroom 2015-02-01 20-39-00-60.jpg

Put this two skins into folder:
"~ASSETTO CORSA installation folder~\content\cars\mazda_787b\skins\"

Custom Rims, suit that look like their real life jersey, cool Seahawks gloves (you have to see them in motion, to fully appreciate it) and very nice looking SS helm, designed by me (but inspired by team actual team helmets).
Also, I use Microsoft brand and their products as a sponsor for this liveries because they're from Seattle like the Seahawks, so I figured... you know... why not. :)

I plan to do another Super Bowl team. Patriots, that's it.


gamer19 aka shnala

Latest updates

  1. FINAL. say no more! and better than ever, perhaps only that... =)

    UPDATE 1.2 (FINAL): Wel... what could I say... :( Seahawks, thanks to one of the most...
  2. NEW suit, NEW glowes (last didn't work!), NEW helmet, etc,....

    I'm in a hurry now, so I'll just say that this is WAY better than first version. Skins are...

Latest reviews

Cool Skin! Great Work!
Usually i dont like "brand" or anime cars...but you have really pulled this one off! Im sure the team would be stoked to have this car representing them. Very very nice. Can't wait to see some of your future work!! Thank you :)
Thank you. Chech the latest version. Even better. I swear! :)
first time? first skin? you lie! it's like you have many experience in skinning! LOL. such a pro work there!
No, I don't lie my friend. Look at my answer below please, I hate to repeat myself. Thank you for your vote, it means a lot from, like I already said, one of the best painter here! ;)
Btw, I don't have some fancy photoshop program. This is done with :)
This is just brilliant.
First time? I can hardly believe it!
You better believe it!
Like I said... it IS first. But for Assetto Corsa. I've done some stuff earlier, for racing and flying games. I even made some rFactor tracks, but only for myself, never publish them. For now at least.
Anyway.. to cut long story short... thank you for review! :)
Very impressive skin mate.
SKINS, mate, skins.... :)
Or maybe you like only one? :D
Sorry, having some fun... hope you don't mind. Thank you for your review! ;)
Nice, but who are they?
American football team. From NFL league. Champions of the last year and in sunday we'll see if they can repeat that. Btw... cool sport, you should try it. To watch I mean. :)
Thanks for review.
Like it, really first skin? Not bad at all!
Yes, it is. But first for Assetto Corsa, like I said. I've done some... stuff for other games. Some racing, some flying. Ehh... long (and boring) story.
Anyway... thank you for your review mate! ;)
Cool skins , thanks mate !
NP. Thank you. Enjoy. :)

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