SHO Competition FFB for GTR2

SHO Competition FFB for GTR2 V13-beta1

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Video: Jimmy Broadbent tries GTR2 again with a very early version of the PLR parameters that would eventually become this mod.

SHO Competition FFB for GTR2 is a GTR2/PnG3 mod of various UserData User.PLR file force feedback configuration parameters to achieve an improved, more modern force feedback feel.

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*Please see "README SHO Competition FFB.txt" as it contains helpful details on install/uninstall, tips, questions, known/open issues, testing notes, changes, and development notes. You might be reading this file right now: I've included this note here for easy copy&paste to places like Race Department download descriptions.

Important! You will have a better FFB experience the higher your frame rate. This is because GTR2 ties FFB refresh rate to frame rate. The higher your FPS, the better your FFB will feel. See Tips for details.

Some people prefer different versions of SHO Competition FFB. Find these files in the README "Install/Uninstall" section below. See README Section 9 Release Notes below for past changes.


- AccuForce V1:      User - AccuForce V1 by Shovas.PLR [Wheel Software Profile Available]
- CSL Elite:         User - CSL Elite by ToddMcDanger.PLR
- CSL DD:            User - CSL DD by ToddMcDanger.PLR [Wheel Software Profile Available]
- CSW 2.5:           User - CSW 2.5 by Strenski.PLR [Wheel Software Profile Available]
- Driving Force GT:  User - Driving Force GT by BlackMarketBlood.PLR
- Fanatec DD1:       User - Fanatec DD1 by The Iron Wolf.PLR
- G920:              User - G920 by Jean-Paul Sarti.PLR
- Moza R5:           User - Moza R5 by metalthanos.PLR
- Simucube 2 Pro:    User - Simucube 2 Pro by Shovas.PLR [Wheel Software Profile details in PLR]
- T300:              User - T300 by Paokkerkir.PLR
- TS-PC Racer:       User - TS-PC Racer by Machiavelo.PLR
- TS-PC Racer:       User - TS-PC Racer by TinMan_JB.PLR
- Thrustmaster T-GT: User - Thrustmaster T-GT by WesBrook77

Latest release notes (see README Release Notes section for older versions):

V13-beta1 (2024-03-04)

  • [SimuCube 2 Pro] Default True Drive 2023.10.1 profile with Overall Strength 100%, Slew Rate Limit Off (Unlimited)
  • [SimuCube 2 Pro] Disable PLR Friction and Damper to rely on just SimuCube 2 Pro True Drive Friction and Damper
  • [All Wheels]Tuned Grip Weight and Grip Factor for optimal feel in both dry and wet. Previously, I had basically given up on rain driving in GTR2 and Grip Weight was tuned primarily for dry driving. Now, dry should feel almost the same but both should be delivering slightly more slip information (wheel going light in low grip conditions). You do need to commit to learning how to drive in the rain. I had to force myself to put in a lot of laps but after a while car behaviour started to make sense to me, especially with tweaked Grip Weight values. I think learning rain driving is worth it for overall driving skill.
    • Authors are encouraged to try driving with these parameter and submit any changes you feel needed.
  • [Moza R5] Add new profile: Moza R5 by metalthanos
What does SHO stand for?

SHO is the first three letters of my username (Shovas) but also happens to be an acronym used by Ford, which stands for "Super High Output", so I feel is an appropriately fun acronym for a sim racing mod :)

Why is it called "Competition"?

The aim of my improvements is always to improve the experience for a competition context, like racing real humans or racing AI, as opposed to say just hotlapping. It's hard racing where you really have to have the best simulation to really raise the immersion and experience. That means my changes might feel better or worse for some depending on what you want but I'm always trying to be better in "competition", hence the name.


Thank you to GTR233, DurgeDriven, ToddMcDanger, Jean-Paul Sarti, BlackMarketBlood, Paokkerkir, WesBrook77, The Iron Wolf, Machiavelo, Strenski, TinMan_JB, Jul's FFB Guide, SimBin, and others for assistance, input, reference, help, encouragement, and inspiration in the making of this mod!


See License.txt for full details.

SHO Competition FFB © 2020 by Shovas is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International. This license requires that users give credit to the creator. It allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, for noncommercial purposes only.

View the full license here:

You don't have to ask permission for legitimate uses. You just have to give credit.

I think this provides clarity and is a nice compromise that maintains modding freedom while protecting the people that made them from losing credit to their work and against people who would cut out authors from profit from copying it.


You can reach me, Shovas, on Race Department, European Endurance Center (EEC), F1 Classic, Trackaholics, Sim Racing Mirror Zone,,,, or, or @Shovas on Twitter, or my website

Latest updates

  1. [Plans] RealFeel is the future

    While there will always be a place for SHO FFB for new users to GTR2, vanilla installations, or...
  2. [Release] SHO Competition FFB V13-beta1

    V13-beta1 (2024-03-04) Highlights: Rain Racing: This release focuses on optimizing FFB...
  3. [Upcoming] The Art of Driving in the Rain

    If your PLR "FFB steer force grip weight" parameter is anywhere near the previously recommended...

Latest reviews

Olá, Sho. Poderia, por gentileza, fazer um vídeo explicando como instalar o SHO FFB. Sempre dá erro.
Well I don't do videos but I could try to help. Try posting a question in the Discussions tab.
Thank you
Yes very good for T300RS Wheel
Great to hear!
These FFB settings have turned the vanilla game into a fresh, recent game! Thank you!!!
Love hearing how it has improved people's enjoyment!
My Driving Force GT is alive ! Thanks a lot for this FFB settings.
That's great! Very happy for you!
Nice Idea, but i think, this is a war, you can't win.
I just tested the 1 and the 4 (that don't work) and this engine are to old for FFB in a DD. By me side, i think 4 stars are 3 to much, but I don't want make you life harder. If you release a better version, i will sure test it.
Thank you for your work and i wish you find a way, that we have all fun with that old games!
Thanks for your feedback, it's appreciated! Can you tell me what wheel you have? Did you follow the README? Key things: Don't use vsync, try for as high fps as you can get, double-check your PLR with my updated values is actually being used, some mods may have super exaggerated FFB strengths be sure it's working first with original cars. It won't be perfectly modern ffb but it should feel closer to modern ffb as opposed to stock GTR2 feel. At least, that's what I'm going for on my DD AccuForce. I'm
Didn't think of that one haha
Thank You

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