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SHO Competition AI V14

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SHO Competition AI is a GTR2 mod for original content cars and tracks that aims to improve the racing experience by creating greater racing immersion and realism by improving AI driver performance.

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*Please see "README SHO Competition AI.txt" as it contains helpful details on install/uninstall, tips, questions, known/open issues, testing notes, changes, and development notes. You might be reading this file right now: I've included this note here for easy copy&paste to places like Race Department download descriptions


- [Fix Stock AI Flaws] Improving obvious AI flaws on-track such as early braking, slow cornering, bad starts/first corners/first laps, and unrealistic crashes or collisions that all result in race performances that don't accurately represent qualifying performances

- [Improve Qualifying vs Race Performance] Furthermore, race performance should more closely reflect qualifying performance. With original GTR2 AI, you could start from the back of the field and win quite easily. Instead, the aim here is to ensure you have good, hard racing battles with opponents that qualified with similar laptimes. As such, if you qualify top 5 you might have a chance to win, but if you qualify top 10, it should be very difficult to win outright. That's just realistic. Again, the upside is good, hard battling with AI you are competitive against.

- [Keep Unique AI Personalities] Maintain original AI personalities and relative performance levels as much as possible to keep AI varied and interesting and allow rivalries to form between player and closely matched AI

Latest Changes

The latest changes can be found on the Updates tab. Older changes can be found via the README Releases section.

What does SHO stand for?

SHO is the first three letters of my username (Shovas) but also happens to be an acronym used by Ford, which stands for "Super High Output", so I feel is an appropriately fun acronym for a sim racing mod :)

Why is it called "Competition"?

The aim of my improvements is always to improve the experience for a competition context, like racing real humans or racing AI, as opposed to say just hot-lapping. It's hard racing where you really have to have the best simulation to really raise the immersion and experience. That means my changes might feel better or worse for some depending on what you want but I'm always trying to be better in "competition", hence the name.


Thank you to GTR233, Von Dutch, GTR2 Reborn, SimBin, and others for assistance, input, reference, help, and inspiration in the making of this mod!


SHO Competition AI © 2021 by Shovas is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International. This license requires that users give credit to the creator. It allows users to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format, for noncommercial purposes only.

View the full license here:

You don't have to ask permission for legitimate uses. You just have to give credit.

I think this provides clarity and is a nice compromise that maintains modding freedom while protecting the people that made them from losing credit to their work and against people who would cut out authors from profit from copying it.


You can reach me, Shovas, on Race Department, European Endurance Center (EEC), F1 Classic, Trackaholics, Sim Racing Mirror Zone,,,, or, or @Shovas on Twitter, or my website

Latest updates

  1. [Release] SHO Competition AI V14

    Version 14 (2022-06-20..2023-06-11) [Tracks] Re-tuned Imola GP 2004 as it was too difficult to...
  2. [Video] Another demonstration race with V13

    Here's another example of how the AI behave in a 20min race. I even mess up around the 12:25...
  3. [Release] SHO Competition AI V13

    Version 13 (2022-06-16..2022-06-20) [MOD] V13 combines and finalizes V13-test1 and V13-test2...

Latest reviews

Great addon, GTR2 will never die!
Thank you!
All the disadvantages of 20 year old AI are gone. Game changer for sure!
Thanks for the review!
looking forward to trying it out later. have ejoyed all the previous updates.
Thank You for the Update!
Thank you.
Even tho I had some weird experiences with the AI using your mod (I'll write the details in your "How to find..." thread), I really apreciate all the hard work you've put into this. Definitely worth a try!
Thank you for your dedicated pursuit of excellence!
Thank You

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