Sokol International Racetrack

Sokol International Racetrack 1.02

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Sokol International Racetrack was designed by Hermann Tilke in 2013, when Kazakh businessman Alijan Ibragimov announced plans to build a motorsport complex worth 40 million US dollars (19 billion tenge) on the outskirts of Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan.

Construction was started in 2014, by 2016, with the participation of Jorge Lorenzo, a go-kart track and a drag strip were opened. The construction of the main structures was completed only in 2019-2020. In September 2022, the final layer of asphalt was laid, and shortly after that it was announced that the Grand Prix of Kazakhstan would be included in the 2023 MotoGP calendar (the signed contract will be valid until at least 2028).
Ongoing homologation works at the circuit, paired with current global operational challenges, have obliged the cancellation of the 2023 event.
MotoGP looks forward to visiting Sokol International Racetrack in 2024 to welcome a new region to the calendar.

The Big Ring configuration of the 4430 m long track has 12 turns (8 right and 4 left) with clockwise movement. The track does not have a pronounced relief, except for the T5 turn where an artificial hill was poured. This turn is also called the "Big balls turn" and is the most interesting and challenging part of the track. A feature of Sokol International Racetrack is the reverse straight, which has a length of 1 km. A bridge will be thrown across it, which will provide access to the main grandstand with a capacity of 40,000 spectators.

I build the track and all surrounding buildings from zero using any available data images and video on web (laser scan excluded).

Mod Features:

  • 41 Pits boxes
  • 4 layout
  • Working track map and sections
  • GrassFX - Only, no traditional 3D grass
  • TV cameras (only Big Ring layout)
  • Fully working AI to race against computer
  • Detailed track surrounding based in real location

Improvements in version 1.02:

  • The road surface mesh is more accurate
  • 3 new layouts
  • New color of curbs and asphalt next to the track (corresponds to real life)
  • The color of the seats in the stands corresponds to real life
  • Other small improvements
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Latest updates

  1. v1.02

    Improvements in version 1.02: The road surface mesh is more accurate 3 new layouts New color of...

Latest reviews

thx for the track. Hopefully one day they will be able to do a mgp race without cancel it lol
Thanks. I also hope that eventually the race will take place.
Great update. Watched aerial footage and indeed everything looks as in real life. Many thanks !
Thanks! :)
Thank you for the update. New curbs made the track look much more alive. Any plans to update Igora Drive?
Thanks for you feedback. There are currently no plans to upgrade Igora Drive.
Nice one, feels like a Tilkedrome, so you likely did it justice :)

Few minor things (for me) are that the physical mesh feels a bit undetailed to me in the corners (lack of grip and feel), and the white lines could use some smoothing in the corners in my opinion (right now on the inside they are clearly visible straight segments). Drove the Lamborghini Aventador SV here, 1:58.366 after five laps without a track map.

Look forward to see this improve once the real life track opened and you work the textures!
Do we have the anticlockwise layout? You don't have to have to AI pathing, just for hot laps you know :)
This does not correspond to reality. I won't do something that doesn't exist and never will.
add more textures and make it colorful can be better
Ok. The track is not officially open yet. I want to take a look at the finished track before working on it further.
Thanks mate!
I was really looking forward to driving on this one!

Great job.
So then, what an improvement in resources... I congratulate you on this work. I will not prepare a video to present your work on my youtube channel.
Thank you for your review. It is good that the problem was promptly fixed.
Great track. Visually it could however really do with a bit of trackside objects such as ambulances etc. to tackle the monotony. Additionally, a layout with a fair amount of sausage kerbs would work wonders for online racing really. The current flat version might just be the Moto version. But that's just my 2 cents about an overall great track.
Thanks for the message. I will work on these small flaws, especially since the track is not open yet. It will be necessary to see how everything will actually be there.
Very nice, thank you for sharing you work with us. I enjoyed driving in Kazakhstan in VR this morning. Trying a new (to me ) real track of high standards as this one, is one of the aspect on SIM racing in general and AC in particular that brings me back to my rig daily. I do not remember seeing this track before in any SIM, thank you for making AC and even better simulator by fixing this omission. No issue with optimization here.
Thank you
This is a fantastic masterpiece, thank you for your contribution. The scenery is captivating- especially because I keep staring at it and have yet to run a clean lap-lol.
Glad you liked it.
Beautiful track. Very clean work. Thanks.
Thank you for your comment.
Great job that this track. But in my country, it requires a lot of resources. While I have no problem with other much heavier circuit. I tried with several cars but the results are the same. Can you optimize this aspect? The track looks very interesting to ride. Thank you for the information you can give me.
optimization has been carried out. everything is fine on my computer. I probably shouldn't post my work here. I'm really sorry that the track disappointed you.

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