Spa Francochamps 2012

Spa Francochamps 2012 1.0

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Alonso lost the championship in this race?
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I have raced the "Spa Francorchamps" Formula 1 circuit many times over the years on the PC, primarily on the PC game which I owned years ago called "F1 Challenge: '99-'02." It has been a VERY LONG TIME (until just now) that I have raced Spa on the PC but I still have the entire track memorized in my mind.

For me, this is my favorite and in my opinion the best Formula 1 circuit -as it is also the favorite of many real-life Formula 1 drivers. It is a fast, long, and fun course to race with lots of elevation change -- and arguably the most 'scenic' Formula 1 venue as it is set in the Ardennes Mountains of Belgium.

This mod, this version of Spa seems very well done and very accurate. It doesn't quite capture the scenery of the Ardennes Mountains settings but in about every respect it is a very good rendition of Spa.

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