Spa Francorchamps 2022

Spa Francorchamps 2022 1.03

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The first ever race that was hosted at Spa-Francorchamps in 1921 was a motorbike race. And for the 100 years anniversary of the track, Spa-Francorchamps wanted to reconnect with its history. That's why in 2022 the circuit has undergone heavy transformations to meet the FIM regulation with the goal of hosting a motorcycle race again this year.
The main changes consists of larger clearances between the track and guard rails, the come back of many gravel traps, an alternative curve at the "speaker's corner" and a brand new grandstand at the top of the famous Raidillon, which also has seen an increase in its clearances. But be reassured, the layout didn't change at all and remain the same for race cars.

The mod

This mod is born mid-february when I saw the heavy construction work shared on social media for the first time. It was also around this time that I discovered a remaster mod for Spa made by @Johnr777 . I then started fooling around with bringing modifications to the in-game track, based on the work John has already made. And then time after time, it became more serious to the point I started to share my progress here on Racedepartment. In a way it was also a way to force myself to go to the end and not giving up, having people following the project. This was my first time modding. And now here we are, a LOT of hours later. The track is fully updated to represent the real transformations and actual state of the circuit, along with many custom-made assets and textures overhaul to bring this track to new standards.

And this is for now an exclusivity for Assetto as no other game has this version yet.

So power and thank you to the modding community for keeping this game alive and still rocking in 2022.

Track Features

  • 47 Pit boxes
  • Fully compatible with CSP (GrassFX, RainFX, etc.)
  • Tree and pine textures completely redone and color graded
  • New asphalt textures
  • Custom-made assets like grandstands, marshal posts, etc.
  • Fully-working LED panels for flags
  • New LED panel for Start/Finish line
  • New groove and skids textures
  • Better lighting around the track with accurate placement
  • Astroturf removed everywhere
  • New painted asphalt textures
  • Working Clock tower (Downhill towards Eau rouge)
  • Working TV screens around the track
  • Pitlane overhaul with metal beams structures and lighting
  • Ambient sounds in pitlane for maximum immersion.
  • Ambient sound of speaker on race days.

A BIG THANK YOU to @Johnr777 for working his magic and providing help and assets along the way. Without his work I wouldn't have been able to start and be inspired to start this project.

Also if you want to support, or just give back. Please consider donating a few bucks. This mod represent hours and hours of work that I put in to bring you the best possible version of Spa. Thank you.


This mod rely heavily on the use of the track extension folder and file so keep in mind it will probably overwrite mods that you already had for this track. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to delete any existing "spa/extension/" folder before installing this mod.

To install the mod, simply extract the "Content" and "Extension" folder at the root of your game.

CSP is mandatory to use this mod!

I consider there is all the information you need in this post. I can't be held responsible if you mess up your game. If you want to be 100% safe, make a backup of your original /Spa folder before installing this mod.

Latest updates

  1. 1.03 - Hole in the Fagnes esses is fixed.

    Nothing less, nothing more. Just a quick notification to tell you that the hole in the gravel...
  2. Sausage kerb at Eau rouge and little fixes

    Hello for this new update ! It was brought to my attention that there was a red sausage kerb at...
  3. Ghost plane and grass fix

    In this first update, I fixed the ghost plane that were floating above the track, as well as the...

Latest reviews

This track is amazing, adding the sand trap isn't all that's added, but also more subtle changes added throughout the tracks life.

I do have a problem that I'm encountering. There are some black reflective spots on the road and I don't know how to fix it. If anyone can help me it would be great.

Photo of the problem:
3 Stars for the effort, but IMHO it isn't nowhere near the quality of the original KS version of Spa Francorchamps (or the "Spa_Revised 2.6" mod).
The textures and colors/pallete are off (way too saturated), there are some ugly seams near the curbs and grass, and the asphalt textures look way too dark and undetailed ("flat"), like rubber.

The final nail in the coffin (and a nasty one) is that it breaks the original KS (and also the 2019 revised version) of Spa, by replacing the lovely original textures with the new (IMO, inferior) ones from this mod.
This is a huge no-no for modding standards.

Very messy, unless you use a mod manager and wish to keep details of the different Spa track versions untouched.
Especially if you race online, the swap on/off track installation gimnastics becomes a must before joining a server hosting this (only reason I got to this mod).
thanks verry nice
amazing wish you could do every track. Its beautiful now thanks so much.
thanks is amazing!!!
Amazing Work
Great work. Very quick and easy to install. Thank you.
Thank you this is great. As it only uses the small 4.kn5 file from the original, I just copied everything into a new track folder to keep this clean from the original kunos folder. Not sure if that could be an option for those struggling with installation.
Buenísimo, tremendo trabajo
much needed. thankyou
thank you
I'm very confused on how to install this track
absolutely marvelous ! Spa is the best track in the world and this update is the greatest for Spa.
Amazing work, thank you!!
This mod is goated bro. I do think that we could maybe get a new update, specifically for the new paint on Eau Rouge/Radillon and Chicane. Thanks!!
The added runoffs look fantastic! Doesn't look like someone just dragged the barriers a few more meters away. I would ask though if you made changes to the road surface. It looks...almost too perfect. Unless the circuit has been entirely resurfaced irl, in which case dismiss my critique
Thank you very much! Especially I really appreciate the exterior sounds. I was really looking forward for that. Now I can place for myself ambients sounds on any circuit.
Love it. The pit sounds are incredible and I am so happy you allowed for 40+ cars. I love wec racing and I hate when tracks only allow for 20 cars.
perfect addition!!! Thanks for your hard work
Great mod. Very nice track and textures. Brilliant work...

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