Spa-Francorchamps extra cams

Spa-Francorchamps extra cams 1.01

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I got hooked (all night long) on updating the camera sets I made a looong while ago for the Spa circuit. So here you are, 2 camera sets to bring more joy to your replays :)

**ATTENTION : camera sets are named "cameras_3" and "cameras_4". If you have made or downloaded other custom camera sets with the same name, rename my sets to _5 and _6 for example.**

Here's a vid demonstrating both views :
GT competition cam & GT speed cam
, it's still uploading (1hr to go) to YT so a bit of patience needed ;)
The competition set is mainly focused on proper overview of large grids for broadcasting online races for example.
The speed cam set is developed with attention to dynamic camera movement and various views to enhance the feeling of speed as well as to offer good screenshots and enjoyable replays.....
or that's what I hoped for :D

Latest updates

  1. Upgraded old additional cam sets for the beautiful Spa circuit

    see original post for information pls :thumbsup:
  2. Fine tuning of the Sky Speed Photo Cam set, more "spectator" feel added.

    I revised some camera views and fine tuned them to get a more pro tv cam look but keeping the...
  3. Photographic Camera set (zoom) for detailed car movement, slomo and photo view

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Latest reviews

Fantastic. Nuff said. Thank you as always.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
You're welcome. A Monza variant will arrive soon.
Sunny, this gets 5 stars for the cams alone, and I can't wait to try a race with the new AI line and extended pits. Great work!
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thx for the nice words, enjoy it. Do mind the little bump on the exit of the extended pitlane :-;
These are excellent. Thank you very much.
How did you make these? What tool did you use?
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Easy. It's all there : camera data in track folders, using the AI dev app for exact cam positioning and creating ai pitlane and fastlane. It's all about investigating, testing, adjusting, some more testing, ....and then result :)
Great camset!! Thank you :)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist other special cam coming up in the misc thread ;-)
never, never enough cams....thank you
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
you're welcome.
Wow! This is a nice set! Thank you :)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Nice to see you (and others) enjoying it. Thx
100 stars :) It would be awesome if you can do this for nordscleife too.Cheers ;)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Yes it would. ....just need some time for that....Spa is only 12 cams, Nord is over 50 ;-) but then again time is on the modders side.
I like a lot!!! Thanx
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Well it only took me all night, seriously, I left my sleep for this. So thanks for the nice review.
I like that
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thanks. Appreciated. Sure more tracks will follow.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
You 're welcome

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