GT Distance cam  for Black Cat County Long

GT Distance cam for Black Cat County Long 1.01

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In addition to my latest resource, this update of an additional cam set for Black Cat County (long). A distance cam (mainly), filming the Porsche 917K in a golden brown scenery of the County.

Latest updates

  1. Slightly modified

    See OP for description and video :);)

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Looks amazing to me I look forward to enjoying it.Can you do something for free roam too please .I think you could hit one out of the park with that.Cheers mate :>)
Very nice job on these :)
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Dude, you're one star short :/
Thank you sir! Sry to hear about you work getting wasted with the latest template change from Kunos.
Grand Tourist
Grand Tourist
Thx for the support, 95% credits to blackcelica for the suits in all honesty but it did mess up all of my skin packs and race liveries :(

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Grand Tourist
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