Sparco Arrow gloves

Sparco Arrow gloves 1.5

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I also made other gloves, check out gloves pack that has them all in a single download

26 colors



How to use: unzip and move content folder to AC main folder, then in skin folder edit skin.ini e.g. GLOVES=\sparco_arrow\red OR move texture and normalmap to skin folder

sparco arrow colors 1.jpg

sparco arrow colors 2.jpg

Gloves can be included in a skin.

Latest updates

  1. Adjusted design, new colors

    Adjusted the design to make it more accurate, again. Fixed a few details. Added several more colors
  2. adjusted the design

    it's more accurate now
  3. color adjustments on several

    also fixed inside thumb

Latest reviews

Nice pair of gloves!
Thanks, I needed these!
Very cool! Adds a lot of variety to driver models! I got sick of seeing the same old default white gloves, so this is a welcomed addition.

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7.5 MB
First release
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5.00 star(s) 3 ratings

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