Sportsland Yamanashi

Sportsland Yamanashi 1.0

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Great Track! But the links for 3D Trees doesnt work anymore :c
Finally, a great version of this track! Thank you!
Very Good track, but 4 stars because TreeFX is "2" separate downloads. I recommend having the normal trees and track in a separate kn5 and have the "old trees" load in via ext_config.ini and have the 3 presets of TreeFX in the config too. so you can easily exchange them with a simple edit.
One of the most sick tracks currently out there, thanks for creating this in AC.

Graphics are stunning and plays incredibly well.
my favorite drift track unquestionably, really fun with rally cars too ! A "must have", great quality and make me smile when im on ;-)
Just a spawn bug (on wall)
Graphics are definitely quite high quality for a drift-oriented track. Giving it 4 stars until this track gets an AI spline & track limits.
Great stuff as always !
Fun and beautiful track. Hotlap and grid spawns are broken but that's probably because it's a drift track
At last!!!
this track just made my day, I mean, it made my whole year already! chapeau! merci beaucoup
Haven't driven this just yet but I'm so glad someone has finally released a high-quality version of this. Great looking mod for a great track. Thanks so much for the release.

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