Team Lotus - MyTeam Package

Team Lotus - MyTeam Package v2.0

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Team Lotus

The return of Team Lotus is upon us. Will you bring Lotus back to their championship winning glory days?

This livery is inspired by their classic green and yellow colours, combined with current and modern sponsors. And, of course, reuniting with Renault as their Engine Supplier.




This Pack Contains:
  • FOM Chassis Livery
  • Halo Sticker
  • Team Lotus Emblem
  • Custom Driver Suit, Cap, Gloves and Boots
Next Update Information:
The upcoming update will involve a Custom Helmet. Also possibly some custom Driver Numbers.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Guide

This video shows you how to install mods into F1 22. The proces is the same for F1 23, as long as you follow the 'Copy & Paste' method.

How to setup the Emblem/Badge

To get the Emblem/Badge to show the right colours, you will have to configure the 2 colour sliders like shown below.

What are the recommended Team Colours

If you want to go for absolute perfection, you are in need of the exact colours to use for the MyTeam colours. The colours shown below are the exact colours that are being used on the custom livery.

The mod is not working (anymore)

If the mod does not show up like it should, most of the time it has got something today with the modded files not being installed correctly, or the modded files have been overwritten by an update of the game itself.

In both cases, follow the Installation Guide found above.

  • This mod will NOT work in online gamemodes.
  • You are allowed to use this mod in video's and/or streams, as long as there is a link to this modpage in the description.
  • You are NOT allowed to reupload this mod in any way.
  • If you have additional questions or need support, click the Get Support button.

Latest updates

  1. v2.0 - Custom Driver Suit, Gloves, Cap and Boots!

    Changelog: Added Custom Driver Suit, Gloves, Cap and Boots! Slight sponsor logo changes on the...

Latest reviews

the livery is beautiful, also the suits are great (as all of your mods) but I would love to see the sponsor Air Asia with this livery, Thanks!
fantastic mod, one of the best lotus mod i have ever seen, but please update it with the elmet
Livery is awesome but when I started the game after correctly installing it, the game just closed.
I re-opened it but then my whole score was deleted.. i tried to repair the game but nothing was there. Everytime I start F1 23 now there is an error and all settings are resetted.. is it a virus or what?
Terrific addition to the great livery!
Really nice. My first time playing on Steam and decided to use the livery/emblem (so far) under "Lotus F1 Racing". One issue I had was trying to get the emblem the same colour, but I've worked around it and it has certainly made my F1 my team more enjoyable. I played on PS last year and my team was so boring trying to copy designs off youtube etc, but thank you again for this great livery. I can't wait till you update this with the rest, if you are still planning to :)
Thank you! Im happy I can help you with your MyTeam adventures. I am definitely planning to keep updating this pack, so keep an eye out for more
Looks fantastic in game. Super work and looking forward to the updates with the driver suit, etc
Thanks a lot!

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