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Telemetry Application 2.2

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New version of the Telemetry application. This one has been adapted to the track data in F1 2013.

  • Analyze the telemetry data using graphs
  • Use RaceInfo panel to view lap/sector times and time/speed delta
  • Analyze your driving lines against the "optimal" line
  • Visually compare two laps on speed, gear changes etc.
  • See some statistics, like e.g. how much you run on full throttle
New features:
  • F1 2013 Classic + Standard track data added (sectors, lap distance, track borders
  • Improved Race Info. Laptimes shown also in a graph
  • Lap Comparison allows you to compare two laps to e.g. see, where gear changes happen
  • New help, in any panel type key H and you can see what commands are available
This application is written in Java, so you can run it on almost any computer, where Java is installed.

Please see the ReadMe.txt for installation instructions. And remember that there is also help under key F1 and small help tip under key H.

I hope you enjoy this. I do.


Screenshot: New Telemetry
Screenshot: New RaceInfo
Screenshot: New Lap Comparison

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holy moly, great job bro, love this
best regards,
awesome program. thanks very much .. you deserve the 5 star. thanks for making this program to help me improve my driving.. thanks !
Good job. It's perfect. Thank you.
Very useful. Shows all data I need to obtain best set-up.
You made the most useful tool.
Your response is Great ! Thx Mate.
Great tool!
What use is this mod? I think it's freaking useless
Awersome nice work ! Thanks
Great app and great support from the modder. :)
Great tool! Tks B-)

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