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I have ported my Telemetry Tool for F1 games, AC/ACC, PC2/AMS2, DiRT Rally 2 and KartKraft also for rFactor 2.

You can use the Tool for real-time and offline Telemetry analysis, but also for race/pitstop tactics/strategy.

To use the tool:
1) download the .zip and unzip it to some directory in your system (on Windows can be put also under 'Program files'),
2) from the unzipped package, take the TelemetryToolPlugin.dll in the bin/rf2 directory and copy it to your rFactor 2's 64bit plugin directory. The plugin reads the data from rFactor 2 and sends it over UDP to port 10101. (The port cannot change yet, but I might do that later, if there is need for that).
3) Start the Tool once with the runWinLauncher.bat (or on Linux/Mac with the .sh file). The Tool will ask for location of data files etc on first run.
4) Restart the Tool (with with Launcher + choose rFactor2 or use the runwin_RF2.bat file)
5) Start rFactor 2. If the plugin is active, when you start driving around, the data should get updated (e.g. on the Driving pane). Note that when driving out from pit, it takes bit before data arrives and if you change to AI control, the data gets wonky.

Check the ReadMe.txt for more help e.g. on install on Linux/Mac.

You can find plenty of discussion(info around the tool at

Most features work now also with rFactor 2. Some like race history saving is bit odd and sometimes the last lap of the race is missed. I am working to fix these.

Enjoy, and get faster.


Few screenshots:
Real-time telemetry sceen zoomed

Real-time map


Offline workspace, you can save the settings to have different type workspaces for different uses.

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