Toscana 0.61

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I present you my fictional track the Toscana Autodromo.

Countless hours have been poured into this track, please rate and tip if you like it...:thumbsup:

Don't be fooled by the 0.5 number, this is a well advanced track.

Release of 0.6

It is set in the beautiful country side of Italian Tuscany.

toscana_0003_Layer 4.jpg

The track have now 4 layouts :
Short: Toscana Centrale
Regular: Toscana Gran Premio
Regular with bypass: Toscana Gran Premio Veloce
Long: Toscana Stradale

toscana_0001_Layer 6.jpg

The track features a hairpin, a bankturn, chicanes and a tunnel.
The main track is a "8" that turns clockwise.
The version right now is 0.5 with WIP AI and WIP replay cameras (AI for GP layout made by TibuszHun and AI for centrale corrected by AccAkut ;)).
toscana_0005_Layer 2.jpg
toscana_0000_Layer 7.jpg

toscana_0004_Layer 3.jpg
toscana_0006_Layer 1.jpg

toscana_0002_Layer 5.jpg

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Latest updates

  1. 0.61

    Updated track UI files that were wrong... sorry ^^'
  2. Toscana 0.6 SOL & CSP support and tweak.

    New Rain FX Profile New Grass FX Profile New Lights FX Configuration "Italia!" New Wind turbine...
  3. A small update

    A small fixes after a few good remarks while waiting for next big update. Changelog: - The "new...

Latest reviews

AI cars will not leave pits and enter the track.
One of my favorite tracks. Feels so good at all speeds.
merci beaucoup pour les heures de travails abattu
Wow 10/10
Fantastic track! Cant fault it. Rain in the night looks beyond real!!! thank you so much.
j'aime beaucoup le travail de ce moddeur qui nous permet de rouler sur des circuits peu connus.
travail de qualité, c'est le deuxième circuit que je teste et suis fan.
des circuits vivants avec de bon ressenti dans le volant.
fantastic and beatifull track
Very nice, technical and nice to look at.
skvela praca
Awesome track. It was awesome in 2016 and it still is. Looking forward to more like this.
This is one of my all time favorite tracks. Now it's even better. Updated signage, it's just a gorgeous track and it runs really well. THANK YOU
This is by far my absolute favourite fantasy track, and most likely my favourite track to race on. You can drive anything from F1 cars which goes really well with the GP layout, to GT3 cars where using the full layout with lots of cars makes it really fun to zip around, even to classic cars. The latest update to 0.61 has added every immersion tweak I could want. The lighting is absolutely phenomenal!!
Great work, keep it up!
Best fantasy track out there. Thank you for this brilliant masterpiece!
absolutely stunning ! gorgeous !
A real drivers track this!! Has a lovely flow to it and feels awesome, not to mention absolutely beautiful to look at. A great piece of work. Bravo!!
Amazing track, beautiful-looking, with a lot of character and a very interesting layout. Great design work, thanks for sharing it !
Tank you man, amazing update

you can update the ai-ai hints of central tuscany, all the cars crash into the wall in the chicane when they try to overtake in the race
Thanks for the review. Yeah the track is still WIP, and there is a lot to do to improve AI. It will be done at some point.
Nice =)
A masterpiece. A work of art. I found myself driving of the roads while admiring the sensational scenery. Jaw droppingly fantastic. Congratulations!!!
Big thanks for the big update fastfab!

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