TOSFED İzmit Körfez Race Circuit

TOSFED İzmit Körfez Race Circuit 1.1

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TOSFED İzmit Körfez Race Circuit is a race facility located in Körfez district of Izmit province. Built-in 1993, Korfez Race Circuit is the first paved race track in Turkey. Located on the shores of the Marmara Sea and around Lake Fener, the track hosts the most number of races in Turkey. National Track Championship, karting, drift, rallycross competitions, test runs, safe driving, and advanced driving training are among the activities organized during the year.

After the beginning of TOSFED Mobile Education Simulator Project supported by FIA that uses Körfez Circuit on Assetto Corsa, it’s been decided to improve the virtual circuit and all layouts modeled from scratch by @erenschumacher.

The Circuit features 3 layouts that can be used for multiple categories of racing on Assetto Corsa.

Main Layout: The length of the layout is 1950 m and features fast chicanes and straights. The width is about 11 m. Short but very exciting layout offers great races for drivers. Number of grid spots: 21

Karting Layout: 950 m in length and 6-7 m in width, the karting layout has fast, slow and long turns that offer great racing for karting and some small-sized vehicles. Number of grid spots: 14

Rallycross Layout: With its 8-shaped layout, jump sections, narrow and wide parts, the 1.5 km circuit challenges the drivers. Number of grid spots: 8


-CSP Recommended

- AI, Cam,

- GrassFX,

- RainFX and more…

Credits and Thanks:

@erenschumacher (Tuzci Circuit Design): Made from scratch, AC Conversation, AI, Cam, and other features.

@shin956 : Converted the unreleased first version, Pit building flags.

@mertcansolak : Thanks for the Feedback.

Ertekin DAL: Thanks for the permission to use some of the objects from the previous version of the circuit.

@pugsang: Feedback and chimneys.
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Latest updates

  1. TOSFED İzmit Körfez Race Circuit

    Exit of the first chicane is widened by 1 meter Exit of the chicane on the back straight is...

Latest reviews

Looks-wise it is good, performance looks okay as well.
However, most of the walls and pretty much all of the tire barriers have velcro issue, and have the potential to send you into the stratosphere if you happen to slide/spin, or (mainly) get hit or into one.
Top-notch track, and incredibly addictive -- thank you!
One of the best i've driven last time,looks good ,flows good, but AI has problems with tight chicanes
Its a pretty good mod, but the AI struggle a little bit going side-by-side at the chicanes.
Great work, nice short challenging track with good flow. In fact all 3 are pretty good !
good work
Excellent work. Thanks.
Nice track, nice modelling. Really enjoyable to drive. Excellent work.
I have been there before. curcuit and paddock looks very nice and real. excellent mod.
Great-looking, fun to drive, very well optimized... Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing track ! And that jump on the rallycross layout... ; )
Great work. Thanks for you effort!
A valuable and wonderful work for Turkish sim-racing community. Thanks for your effort.
As one of the marshalls of Korfez, everything almost same with real one, has very detailed buildings and environment. Very nice track to ride, thanks to all people who contributed.
Great leap forward for the Turkish sim racing. Hope we can see Ülkü park too
Tried all of the 3 layouts. Excellent job...
Very nice track
Great track, will be perfect with minor updates. Thx.

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