Toyota Sera - Stock, TRD & GT

Toyota Sera - Stock, TRD & GT 1.0

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3D models created by Alberto Daniel Russo (@A3DR)
Physics by Jason Coates (@aphidgod)
Special thanks to Joseph, who shared pics of his real car as well as doing a lot of research on technical data and measurements

Sound samples from official Kunos cars

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What started as a simple project turned out to be more technical than we've expected, with other projects getting in the way, so it took over a year to have a decent release version
Joseph, the owner, was working on the stock physics but it got a bit complicated for him, so @aphidgod took over to finish all three versions. TRD and GT are built according to real specs and available parts, except the widebody aero kit which its made up by myself.

Stock version is automatic, as most of these cars came out like that from the factory. Only a few were 5-spd, so my advise is to play it with auto shifter on.

Here are the tech specs for the two special versions:


  • TRD adjustable coilovers
  • Camber/caster plates
  • Rear ARB
  • 4AGE engine swap
  • 4.312:1 final drive
  • Limited slip differential
  • Track-compound brake pads
  • 195mm tires on +30mm offset wheels
GT (Time Attack car)
  • AWD driveline/underbody swap from EP85 Starlet, custom differentials/driveshafts
  • Tuned 3SGTE (from MR2 Turbo)
  • Matching E153 gearbox
  • 3.94:1 axle ratio from a Solara
  • Fully custom wide-track suspension with relocated body mounts
  • Custom steering rack
  • Custom coilovers, ARBs, topmounts
  • Full race brake kit
  • Minor weight reduction
  • Widebody + aero package
  • 225mm tires on +19mm offset wheels
Keep in mind this project started over a year ago, so the 3D model might have some flaws here and there. Don't expect the polishing level of my 512TR or Diablo, learned a lot along the way, so tried to keep this one up to date without delaying the release any longer.
Still all parts work (gullwing doors, shifter animation, gauges, lights, etc.) and while it's not the most optimized model texture wise, I've tried to compress the textures all I could to keep file size down. Stock and TRD have LOD's, but not the GT.







GT (Time Attack)

As a bonus all of them feature the SLSS (Super Live Sound System) with 7 speakers and adjustable rear speakers from Funky to Casual mode, pressing the 0 key on the numpad in showroom.



Latest updates

  1. Visual and physics update

    Visual: Added Momo steering wheel to GT version Fixed hood gap on all versions Fixed inside...

Latest reviews

Very good. The stock version has very long ratios, but it was a surprise to find a copy of the drivetrain with the MT5 (when decompressing data with CM) I also put the original values to the engine (6400 maximum rpm and torque at 5200rpm) giving a quite realistic result.
Great to drive, but on the base version of the car at least, the lower-poly LODs aren't engaged even though they're in the file directory.
Lovely iconic little car, wonderfully made (as usual with you). Thank you so much !
Amazing job! Keep it up!
A labour of love. Fantastic to see such detailed mods for niche 90s cars.
I've been looking for right-hand drive cars to download since I got the game and can't say that a Sera was at the top of my list to look for. I downloaded it after a while and now I can't get out the thing; good job!
It's amazing how much fun this seemingly unspectacular car is. Especially the sound is really great. I love street cars in Assetto Corsa, this one is absolutely worth the download.
Thanks to this mod I could enjoy fan driving every tracks every day. Thank you for your upload.
absolutely insane!! this car is awesome!!
the only thing it need is more adjustable parameters in the setup like all the rear wheel angles and the power distribution between the rear and the front
All of Daniel's work is amazing :-) Fun fact: I came across an interesting bit of trivia regarding this car during Doug Demuro's review of the magnificant McLaren F1. Guess where the inspiration for F1's doors came from? Yep, the little Toyota Sera.
Nice little Nurburgring machine
Very nice !!!
awesome car without facebook physics

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