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[TYRES] GT4 Compound Tyre Machine 1.0

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If you're like me, than you probably have multiple cars of the same categories but not all of them come from the same modders, which poses some issues like... tyres.
I noticed this the most while BoP'ing my collection of GT4 cars in the game, and while most had fairly similar tyres, others not so much.
The solution? Learn about the Tyre Generator in Content Manager.
From a selection of GT4 hard-based tyre compounds comes my GT4 Compound Tyre Machine. Whether you have the GM GT4 pack or the assorted GT4 cars scattered around the net, paid or not, this will make sure that when it comes to rubber, no one is at a disadvantage.


Just place the zip file (do not unzip it) into:

C:\Users\[your_username]\AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager\Presets\Tyres Generation\Tyres Machines

You might have to turn on hidden file visibility in the Windows Explorer.
After that just fire up CM, select a GT4 car, select "replace tyres", select "Generate New Ones" and click the GT4 Compound machine to generate your brand new set, drag and drop it into the list on the left and that's it!
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Esta bueno ,pero seria bueno un tutorial. Gracias
Thank you for your feedback. The instructions are all in the post, as for the Tyre Generator itself there's already a few videos online, it's simpler than it seems.

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