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GT Special Stage R5/Clubman [Read Description] 2.1.2e

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GT's Special Stage R5 and Clubman

- Original track made by @vastchapa1980
- Version "2.0" enhanced by me and published under express permission by the original author.

CHANGELOG for this version:

- Only the 2 original layouts from GT.
- Fixed the folder and model naming to lower-case to prevent data bugs/loss
- Unified FX Config for both layouts
- Updated track surface texture, specularity fixed, as well as the bug that made the car lights reflect with an offset to the left.
- Fixed Hotlap start point and Starting Grid layout (proper traditional left/right instead of single file)
- Complete lighting overhaul, added light points at the gantries.
- RainFX implemented, GrassFX code simplified (the track has only one grass spot, on the statue hairpin, unreachable)
- Removed animated objects and track-side trucks
- Yellow bright "window" textures modified to glass material
- Some texture tweaks on the road signs and boards (might try to up the resolution on some but UV mapping is very wonky)

I did my best to try and update/improve the look and feel of this track where possible, and give it a little extra goodies.
2 or 3 buildings give also a bit of specular reflection to imitate "glass architecture", and the former lit "solid yellow stripes" are now real glass, which in my opinion masks a lot better the simple nature of that track asset and give a better look overall.
I hope you guys like it, it's not a "lilski-level" masterpiece (if you don't know who it is, you reaaaally should) as you all know, but it's made with love for sim-racing and the sim-racing community as well.
Once again many thanks to @vastchapa1980 for letting me publish my take on his original work.


Latest updates

  1. Final Naming Bugfix [PLEASE READ!!]

    The last update did not solve the folder issue it seems but with the help and persistence of...
  2. Version 2.1e [PLEASE READ]

    Some users reported some odd issues that i cannot seem to replicate and don't seem to affect...

Latest reviews

It looks much better optimized now..
Before, it was painful to load a grid, regardless of the cars, it always dropped at the beginning.. Congratulations!
At last... a proper Special Stage without stupid graffiti or random hentai signs. Could use more buildings and maybe a background though.
my childhood :/
I feel you... You want a bigger emotional impact, load up the track in hotlap mode and put some music playing, either "Sweet 16" from Feeder, or "Lose Control" from Ash. It's the full GT1 experience :-D
The tunnel light is very harsh at night, the road is almost white in there. It would be nice to see the buildings light up at night. Other than that I'm very happy with it. I'll definitely be using this over the original.
Quick question. Could you direct me to the R33 in your screenshots?
The PP filter used also affects the way lights shine more or less, so it's hard to get it right for everyone the first time, I'll see what I can do. As for the car, I'll send you a pm when I get back on the PC.
no funciona, hubo un problema con el nombre de la carpeta y los kn5
Inside the track folder, create a folder called "texture" and copy the files inside skins/default to that one and see if that solves the issue.

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