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Ultimate Driver Specific HQ Livery 1.3

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This version of the driver specific livery allows the use of a main texture (livery_main) and (but not for the same team) a driver specific texture (livery_00/01). Means: You do not need to change your complete structure for all teams if you only use driver specific liveries for some teams.

If you want to use driver specific livery, delete or rename livery_main and place and rename the pssg files like shown in the picture.

This mod now enables the forced loading of highLOD and high textures, read the update page for more details:

If livery_main exists, the game will load from that folder, no matter if livery_00/01 contain the car textures.

If livery_main does not exist (e.g. being renamed to livery_main_) the game will load car textures from livery_00 & livery_01.

The file structure for tex files for glove, helmet and suit do not change, this only for the car's texture.


So you can have for example:
fe2 - livery_00 / livery_01
mc2 - livery_main
sa2 - livery_00 / livery_01
tr2 - livery_main

This file also works with 90's DLC, so the textures will not be screwed as it loads from livery_main within the .nfs files.

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thank you
This upate is legendary! Thanks so much!
great mod! it help me so much! :D
Awesome! Great find, thank you.
thank you very much me luv u long time
Extremely useful mod to compliment other 2014 skins while keeping DLC content's skins coming from the encrypted section functioning correctly!

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