Williams Sony's PlayStation 5 Pack

Williams Sony's PlayStation 5 Pack 1.01

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"I remember trying out a new idea for the Williams F1 team back on new year's eve in 2020. This became the popular Sony's PlayStation 5 Williams Skin Pack. I received overwhelming reviews and comments about my work and have recently become very motivated to create a 2021 livery for Williams. I hope people will love my new design, I am quite proud of it! :x3: "

What is this mod?
This mod features a new livery and driver wear for the Williams F1 Team. This is based on the white PlayStation 5 design. Discord has been chosen as a sponsor due to the recent partnership between Sony's PlayStation and Discord this year.

Video Trailer (1.01) - CLICK ME

"u/YesImKazuma21 is indeed my Reddit! Thanks for checking guys! ":x3:

F1 2021 Screenshot 2021.08.08 -
F1 2021 Screenshot 2021.08.08 -

F1 2021 Screenshot 2021.08.08 -

F1 2021 Screenshot 2021.08.08 -
F1 2021 Screenshot 2021.08.08 -
F1 2021 Screenshot 2021.08.08 -

F1 2021 Screenshot 2021.08.08 -

Driver Wear 1.01 Update Screenshots

F1 2021 Screenshot 2021.08.09 -
F1 2021 Latifi.jpg

How to install?

Just drag and drop the contents inside the zip. folder into the game directory. If you have issues, please ask questions on the mod located on my RaceDepartment profile.

How to quickly remove all mods from my game?
Just click on the settings icon when viewing your game in the Steam library, click properties, click on the local files tab and then click on "View integrity of game files.."

Latest updates

  1. Driver Wear Update Release

    1.01 - Driver wear update features custom driver wear for George Russell, Nicholas Latifi...

Latest reviews

Thank you so much, been hoping someone would make more WIlliams skins! Great work! :) Cheers!
nice mod can you make ferrari mission winnow livery?

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