Wuhan WSK (Karting) 1.1

Wuhan WSK (Karting) 1.1 Ver 1.1

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Hello everyone. I am very happy to publish my first work here. My English is poor. Please understand. I come from China. This track is located in my hometown of Wuhan. At first, my idea was to save myself the cost of practicing on-site. Later, more and more people supported my idea. With the help of many people, after two weeks of hard work, I completed the track mod. After many people experience it, they feel that this mod can really help practice familiar routes, especially multiplayer online battles are very fun. Now, I can't wait to share with you all. I hope everyone can have fun!

This track is very suitable for all kinds of go karts and formula students

We usually open the online server from 8 am to 12 noon US time. Please search for the keyword "Wuhan" to join our server and compete together!

My email is 576890236@qq.com, if you have any suggestions or questions, please contact me.





Latest reviews

Great track, lots of love gone into this. It frustrates me beyond belief that the pit lane hasn't been configured correctly, so its unusable during races. Very common among kart track makers.
wow . even the grass is cutting when you leave the track. beautifull work
man i wish i were as talented as you very good track im guessing
Exactly what I've been looking for! System does not want me to type in Chinese, but good to see a karting track from my home country~
It's really fate to meet fellow villagers here. Welcome to join our QQ group chat: 934986763
Great work! Thank you! I loved it so much that I did a camtool set of cameras with all my heart https://youtu.be/9xbDZzlxGSQ
Great work mate, good fun in rotax karts. One of the best karting tracks on ac, just a few bits to polish.

- Add working pits to allow endurance races, this would make it
- Replace start/finish board with working one, dont know if it has it irl.
- Direct edges of road mesh could do with a tiny bit of
- Polishing of AI spline, good overaal racing line spline but a few
alternate lines what the player can do would help. Also the AI spin
out a lot, I like it a bit because adds a bit of dynamics but its a but
too much at the moment.

There's obvs more what you will want to fix but thats all i can think off for now ill lets you know if i find any bugs but so far none except a few micro stutters.

blizz on Steam
Great work ! Thank you
I hope there is more where this is coming from, because it's great
A wonderful track mod to have in your library!

This track is a beauty. The circuit itself is a really fun challenge with the shifter kart mod and I first tried a track day. The track day was fun and the AI did well during it. There was no real crashes with the AI line and it was a fun way to learn the track. I then did an 8 lap race starting from the back. The AI get off the line slow, but then get up to speed about a lap later. It was towards the end of the race that I was challenging 1st place and had a multi lap battle. Though the AI is not incredibly smart in its driving line, it was still a fun challenge for sure. The track is beautiful and really complete. It feels like a really well put together map and I hope it gains the recognition it deserves.

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