(yet another) New AI Fast Lane and AI Hints for Spa 1966

(yet another) New AI Fast Lane and AI Hints for Spa 1966 0.98

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A new fast_Lane.ini and a new ai_hints.ini file for Spa 1966 and for RacinJoe's version over on GTplanet.

Copy the fast_lane.ini file to the 'ai' folder.
Copy the ai_hints.ini file to the 'data' folder.
(make sure you backup the files you've already got)

Used mods and settings:
WSC Legends 60's Pack
GPL 1967
Tested with: AI skill 100% and AI Aggression 60% 70% 60%

In race trim the Ford GT40 MKIV dips below 3:50,0 while the Lotus 49 does around 3:41,8.

AI at work:
through Les Combes
Video Project 2 4.gif

through Eau Rouge

through Masta

through La Source

(he did get them in the end :))

The version number remains below 1.0 as I feel there is so much tweaking to be done with the hints file, there's always room for improvement.

Latest updates

  1. Bit faster, bit safer.

    only updated the Hits file a bit. Ford GT40 MkIV dips below 3:50 in race trim.
  2. just better

    - New Fast Lane (no more wobble at La Source) - New side lines - Cleaned up the hits file - Faster

Latest reviews

Excellent, thank you. Now I no longer need recreate that one scene with Lightning McQueen when going through Holowell!
This fixes a lot of problems. No more cars flying off into the woods at Burnenville. No more pile ups at the dogleg heading into Stavelot. And most importantly, the AI don't ride the guardrails after La Source. I've raced multiple races of 10 laps and there is usually only about 3 to 5 AI that don't finish the race. The AI do slow down a bit at the bottom of Burnenville but this is a serious upgrade in my book.
George Red
George Red
Thanks for the stars and the feedback!
I was i bit disappointment to find cars still DNF-ing after the update (i should have tested more...).
The right kink to Les Combes is the culprit i suspect. This will be fixed in the next update. The slowing down at Burnenville will also be looked at.
Because of the long straights the corner entry- and apex speeds are usually sacrificed to ensure the best exit.

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