Skins for Porsche 935  K3, BMW M1 and Lancia Beta of Le Mans 1982

Skins for Porsche 935 K3, BMW M1 and Lancia Beta of Le Mans 1982 1.4

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Three skins (6k) for the Porsche 935 K3, a single skin for the BMW M1 and two for the Lancia Beta of the drm-modding-team, namely:

Driven by: John Cooper (GB), Paul Smith (GB), Claude Bourgoignie (B)
Qualified: 20
Laps: 316
Finished: 8
Capture2 49.PNG

Driven by: Edgar Doren (D), Antonio Contreras (MEX), Billy Sprowls (USA)
Qualified: 18
Laps: 39
Finished: DNF

Driven by: Bob Garretson (USA), Anny-Charlotte Verny (F) and Ray Ratcliff (USA)
Qualified: 42
Laps: 299
Finished: 11

Driven by: Rolland Ennequin (F), Michel Gabriel (F), Franco Gasparetti (I)
Qualified: 38
Laps: 259
Finished: 18

Driven by: Thierry Perrier (F), Bernard Salam (F), Gianni Giudici (I)
Qualified: 53
Laps: 218
Finished: DSQ

Capture 56.PNG

Driven by: Jean-Marie Lemerle (F), Max Cohen-Olivar (MOR), GJoe Castellano (USA)
Qualified: 46
Laps: 259
Finished: 12

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Latest updates

  1. Added #66

    Added #66, Updated #65
  2. added #65

    added #65 and realigned logos on the #60 (#66 will follow)
  3. added #61

    added #61 realigned some logos on the #60 and #71

Latest reviews

woweee!!!!! just what i needed!
Very Good skins.
I was looking exactly of IMSA GTX cars from 1982 Le Mans.
Looking forward for your next projects.
Thanks for the liveries, always great to see classic cars getting some love.
About BMW M1, maybe you can consider doing liveries for the mod by F302, which is a superior 3d model (from Grid Legends) compared to that RFactor conversion in the DRM mod, while physics/sound is easily to swap around... Anyway, just a suggestion... Thanks again for sharing your work
George Red
George Red
Thanks for the stars, much appreciated!
I came across a lot of dead-ends on GTPlanet....
Can you please DM me a link to F302's M1?
Wonderful work, thank you for that
Nice to see the DRMs getting some skin love again! Always felt they've lacked DRM/Le Mans/IMSA skins. Thanks for these wonderful work!
Le Mans skins are always appreciated, but especially quality Porsches like these!
Finaly some le mans skins for this car. Thank you.
Merci pour ces 2 réalisations qui complétent l'année 1982 pour Le Mans. D'autres peaux prévues pour Le Mans ?
George Red
George Red
Thank you for the stars.
I am working on the #77 935K3 of Ratcliff, Garretson and Verney (1982)
(the #61, #62 and #85 M1s are also on the list, but there are so many M1 skins that they may already have been made)

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