Beat the Mid-Week Blues with These Fun Car/Track Combos

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With the weather and daylight hours turning for the worse in the Northern Hemisphere, here are some fun sim racing car/track combos to break up your work week.

Many of us north of the equator start feeling a little trapped this time of the year, with the days growing shorter and the weather getting colder and making hard to get outside to have fun. Add to that the fact that we’re only halfway through the workweek, and it’s easy to feel a little down. Thankfully, as sim racers we have hours and hours of entertainment at our fingertips. Here are some fun car and track combinations to try today.

Assetto Corsa – RSS 3 V6 Race at Sachsenring
The timeless driving playground that is Assetto Corsa delivers fun time and time again thanks in no small part to the excellent work of community members, including those sharing mods here at RaceDepartment. Race Sim Studio’s amazing Formula 3 recreation, the RSS 3 V6, is right at home at Gunnar333’s Sachsenring. Set up an afternoon race and enjoy some wheel-to-wheel racing on the tight, winding German circuit.

Assetto Corsa Competizione – McLaren 720S GT3 at Donington Park
When developer Kunos released their British GT DLC earlier this year, many of us were floored by the amazing recreation of Donington Park. Not only did they capture the flowing and undulating nature of the circuit, but also the trackside and environmental details. Set up a race or hotlap session here with the skies overcast in the McLaren 720S, and you’ll be experiencing a high level of GT3 immersion and fun.

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Automobilista 2 – Porsche 962C lap at Nordschleife 24 Hour
At some point in the future, we should have classic layouts of the Nurburgring in AMS2. But, until that time, we can still enjoy speeding through the famous German forested circuit in any number of cars. A great way to take on the Green Hell is in the Porsche 962C Group C car. The car has heaps of power and downforce, and the 5-speed H-pattern has you feeling fully connected to the car as you hug the tight curves around the roughly 100 corners of the endurance layout of Nords. Set the start time to 19:00 with light clouds to take advantage of AMS2’s incredible day-to-night transitions.

RaceRoom – Saleen S7R trackday at Portimao
RaceRoom’s free-to-play model and sample content includes some gems. Known for its amazing sounds, RaceRoom Racing Experience will let you try the roaring Saleen S7R for free, and you can drive it at the challenging Portimao circuit, which is also included for free. Overtaking can be tricky at Portimao in these big, heavy cars, but setting up a practice session with AI cars to mimic a trackday is a great way to experience RaceRoom.

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Do you have another car and track combo that you think people should try? Let us know in the comments below.
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Feel like AMS1 should be on this list. I know it's not sexy graphically, but it's plenty enjoyable still! Perhaps CART Extreme at Road America?
Will give this a twist: CART 88 at Portland 88.

Another insane combo: F1 1986 at Adelaide 88.

On iRacing, my two fav combos are Lotus 79 at Oulton Park International No Chicanes; and the Nissan ZX-T GTP at Road Atlanta. Long Beach and Belle Isle are perfect replacements for both if street racing is more up your alley (non pun intended :p )
Rfactor 2: Stock Car 2018x at Road Atlanta.
Project Cars 2: Nissan GTP at Suzuka night.
Assetto Corsa: IER Oreca 09 Spa.
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I always liked the idea of using AC Content Manager to drive your local track with your favorite car with the real weather and time like "9pm Wednesday after work". It did wonders for transporting me away from the everyday.
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Any RSS Formula car is great fun. Just be gentle on the tyres
I always liked the idea of using AC Content Manager to drive your local track with your favorite car with the real weather and time like "9pm Wednesday after work". It did wonders for transporting me away from the everyday.
That's brilliant. Awesome idea. Especially if you could do it in VR!
When i just want to relax or drivefor the fun, i take assetto corsa and go for a ride with the shelby cobra , old Ferrari or the 911 singer on street roads like LA canyons, isle of man, fonteny...

I also enjoy the 964 cup on the nordschleife (raceroom).

I also recently had a fantastic evening driving the lotus 49 at old zandvoort, watkins glen, spa, ...

No apps, no time laps, no stress.
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Lately I've been enjoying to hotlap GT4 cars (the Guerrilla mods free pack) at Bathurst; the amount of power and the handling of GT4s feel just right there.
I can only play at weekend and I'm looking forward to race ACL GTC 60's Shelby 289 hard top at Goodwood
Best combo I have been playing recently is the RSS Supreme insane combo with the AC Tochigi Racing Ring by URD super fun.

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