EA Sports WRC Update 1.3 Brings Performance Fixes

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EA Sports WRC Update 1.3 Brings Performance Fixes

Upon release, EA Sports WRC was criticised for poor performance, but with update 1.3, the developers hope to eradicate such issues. But will their efforts succeed?

EA Sports WRC has now been out for over a week. Upon release, we enjoyed the game, and continue to have fun with the title. However, to most that play it, it is obvious that performance and stability are not there.

Framerate issues plague the title, strange glitches exist throughout the game and soft-lock crashes are not uncommon.

Upon release, EA announced it would release a post-launch patch to address some of these optimisation downfalls. Well, the update releases today with the developers keeping their fingers crossed for a smoother, more enjoyable experience for the player base. Here is all you need to know about update 1.3 to EA Sports WRC.

Shader Pre-Compilation resolutions​

As many will know, the biggest problem affecting the EA Sports WRC experience in its current state is frequent stuttering. Early on in the game’s release, it was said that this was due to the Unreal Engine’s tendency to compile shaders whilst running through a stage.

With this new version, the engine will pre-compile shaders during the stage loading process. Accordingly, we should expect the driving to run far smoother after installing the update.

Elsewhere, the title also suffers from countless crashes and soft-locks. In fact, our own Michel experienced this in his video review, with a crash at the Monte Carlo rally. Whilst no specific crash events are noted in the changelog, the notes do point out that several known moments have been rectified.

Other additions in this latest update touch on stability in menu screens. Whilst we rarely experienced issues outside of the driving gameplay, this is sure to be a much-awaited fix for many. Furthermore, a series of graphical bugs such as 3D model inconsistencies and audio glitches will no longer feature.

EA Sports WRC Update 1.3 Patch Notes​

Aside from performance and stability fixes, the latest patch also brings quality of life improvements. Indeed, one must note some UI touch-ups as well as co-driver call optimisations.

EA Sports WRC Update 1.3 - Any better than before.jpg

Finally, the game is now able to launch on the Steam Deck, whilst improvements come to Ultra-wide screen support.

As previously announced, Virtual Reality support and the final 2023 WRC missing event, Central European Rally, will feature in an update next year.

To see how the update impacts things, we are going to put it through its paces right after release on November 8 at 2pm CET. Join Michel and Yannik for some WRC community multiplayer action in the OverTake WRC club or check out the livestream on our Twitch channel!

Want to discuss EA Sports WRC and anything and other titles of the WRC series? Feel free to head to our forums to become part of the conversation!

How does update 1.3 affect your EA Sports WRC gameplay experience? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!
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Well...i cant complain. Hadnt any stutters before patch and also after the patch everything is flawless. So i guess i cant bother about VR...
i7-13700k, rtx4090, 64gb ddr5.....

Same here on my brand new rig !

Looks absolutely fantastic on everything @ ultra !

The only thing that bugs me is that the co driver is way to late even on the earliest setting !

  • AMD Ryzen 7 7700
  • ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 4070 Twin Edge OC
  • Kingston FURY Beast RGB DDR5 5200MHz 32GB
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No stutters after the update but frame pacing issues and a ctd barely 3 minutes in on the first Monte Carlo stage. (First run) 15-ish fps improvement. [Edit: used dash view]
Will get a refund and see how things evolve.
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Had no performance issues before the patch, only few occasional stutters on stage start, that go away by the time you switch into second gear. The rest of the stage is smooth.
No issues with physics either, the best driving experience out of all Codies rally titles so far, even on tarmac. Haven't tried the patch yet but I am sure with telemetry patch and tactile it will be the next level of immersion.
Great career, the best I've seen in racing games.
Forgot to mention how beautiful and life like it looks with DLAA, small dab of NVidia sharpening and HDR.

Some folks complain without even trying the game or have some system or personal issues. (shrug)
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What's you PC specs ?

I get +100 FPS @ Ultra settings with 1080 monitor !
It looks and feels absolutely fantastic !
I have to disagree that it looks fantastic. From cockpit view a lot of stages are overexposed so badly it's undrivable because you can't see the road.

My PC specs should hardly be interesting, when I get 90 fps with it?

And before anyone calls me a whiner: I really, really want this game to be good, and it's so close. But there are these couple of really game breakers present...
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