Gran Turismo 7 | 25th anniversary update teased

It's that time of the month again: Kazunori Yamauchi posted a teaser picture on his Twitter account, revealing the silhouettes of 3 cars to be included in the game within a week. Interestingly, he advertises it as the 25th anniversary update. As the update will also drop either right before, or during the GT World Series Monaco World Finals, one could expect this update to be quite substantial.

However, the community has been pretty disappointed lately, with hype generated by either official Gran Turismo social media accounts or data miners falling flat for the past few updates. While most are hoping for new features such as car selling, qualifying in lobbies or reduced turbulent air, it seems we are set for a lack of new roads once again: the race combos for all the competitions to be hosted all feature already existing tracks, leaving little hope for a new one to release this month.

Regarding the 3 new cars, at the bottom of the teaser, we can spot what is the facelifted version of the Nissan Silvia included in the previous update. Codenamed S14A by the JDM community, or "kouki", the rear wing indicates this one comes up with the OEM "Aero" package. Other than aesthetic differences, specs will be pretty much the same as the one we already have in GT7.


Picture by JackJackJackJackJack

Next up, on the left, is another youngtimer, new to the series this time: the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS 500. This special homologation edition features a 225hp 2.0 turbocharger inline 4. As its name indicates, only 500 units were produced. The car is iconic for many reasons : its success in touring car racing, its unique rear wing design, later adopted by the Escort, and the spectacle offered on rally stages due to its rear wheel drive layout and the impressive flame spitting of the side exhaust setup run on race cars, but also often found on modified street cars at the time.


Picture by Vauxford

Lastly, on the top right is a more modern sports cars, the F87 BMW M2 Competition. Featuring an upgraded S55 engine, this car is the spiritual successor of older generations of BMW M3s special editions, with its more compact size and wheelbase than the bulkier modern M3s and M4s. This version packs 405hp to pull 1550 to 1575kg, depending on transmission being manual or automatic. Like the other cars from this update, everything goes to the rear wheels.


Picture by Vauxford

With the game creeping closer to its one year anniversary, and players growing impatient over the lack of features usually considered as essentials for this type of racing game, this update cannot afford to disappoint on the features side. We'll see in the next few days if Kazunori Yamauchi was right to give it a special label.
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This is a nice car pack. But has gt7 done anything in updates other than adding cars in group of 3? Is the infamous economy issues still there?
As a former Forza & GT2 player I have looked at GT7 on streams etc but there are some fundamental problems I have with the game.
As a sim racer I dont really want to sit on the sofa with my hand controller & grind through pointless races & tests.Forza & Wreckfest are much more accessible
What is with the driving on the bonnet view stuff?Its a multi million dollar game.They should have FOV settings.
Truly awful AI as they have always been in GT games.
The online races have a rolling start with drivers spaced out seconds apart.Unrealistic & boring.
The concept cars racing with LMP1s is just awful.They should be in their own class.
The penalties for cutting are just terrible & make the races disjointed.

I do like the content and the game looks great.
Last Month there were four cars, so this month I assume we'll get 3 cars and something else.... will it be the finger?
Issues aside, I feel like full PSVR2 support would give the game a decent shot in the arm. Fingers crossed it's in the works.
Issues aside, I feel like full PSVR2 support would give the game a decent shot in the arm. Fingers crossed it's in the works.
Sadly, PoDi have implemented a lot of "Sony's new tech" since GT4 quite poorly so far, IMO:
-GT4: multiple screens support (up to 6) but need a PS2+game per screen then setup a local network between PS2s. Sounds great? You can only play 2 laps in Arcade mode, alone on the track.
-GT5: 3D with 3DTV in all game modes, limited to 720p @24 FPS
-GT6: full Trustmaster support and license, but ruined FFB for other brands
-GTS: VR support limited to arcade mode against 1 oppenent
Really hope they'll add full VR support for GT7

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