GTR Revival: New Logo & First Screenshot Unveiled

GTR Revival Logo.jpg
Having gotten the developer core of the GTR series back together, Straigth4 Studios is working on a new sim that should follow in the - certainly enormous - footsteps of both previous titles in the series. Now, the very first in-engine screenshot is available, courtesy of Studio Head Ian Bell, in addition to a logo for the project.

GTR and GTR2 have set new standards for endurance racing simulations in the mid-2000s, and GTR Revival wants to expand on this legacy: AI-based commentary and race engineers, varied content and a partnership with Reiza Studios seem like promising cornerstones for most of the team that had also worked on the original titles.

Not too much about GTR Revival was shown thus far, apart from detailed info on Straight4's personnel and their plans. Bell had promised to show in-engine footage soon on Twitter this week, and he delivered just a day later.

GTR Revival Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo II Cockpit.jpg

The first in-engine screenshot of GTR Revival shows the cockpit of an Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo II. Image credit: Straight4 Studios

In it, the cockpit of an Audi R8 LMS GT3 (presumably the Evo II version, as it is the most recent one) is visible, entering the S do Senna at Interlagos - likely a nod to Reiza's involvement with Straight4. The screenshot shows off detailed visuals and interesting lighting with what looks like rain clouds rolling in over the Brazilian circuit.

GTR Revival is not another title in the line of GT3 simulators, though, as the Straight4 team has expressed its desire to create different content from throughout the years of racing history as well, and it could also mean the return of the car and track rosters of the previous GTR titles.

New Tire Model Coming​

Bell also confirmed the development of a new tire model for the title: The Seta model, which is rooted in the Madness engine Bell and his former team at Slightly Mad Studios created, will receive a successor called Seta 2 for GTR Revival. Seta had recently been the focus of Reiza's in Automobilista 2, as the Brazilians had discovered that remnants of the old ISI-based engine interfered with Seta to cause undesirable handling, resulting in the big improvements of the recent v1.5 update.

GTR Revival does not have a fixed release date yet, but Straight4 is aiming for a launch in late 2024.

Your Thoughts​

What do you make of the first screenshot of GTR Revival? What are your hopes for the title? Let us know in the comments below!
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


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Is it GTR or GT Revival?
Logo says "GT Revival". :O_o:
They are on Unreal, correct?
With ACC well into its life, the prospect of a GT3/GT4 focused sim doesn't exactly enthrall me. That being said, I'll take every new sim we can get and would certainly give this a shot if the general consensus is positive. Doubly so if the game is open to modding.
"Ok so you do the visuals and stuff. Let Renato and the boys handle the bits under the hood"
Nah , Renato has his problems with ams2 trying to get hommies and populate ams2...

BTW Ian is a guy to trust on , remember that he created Project C.A.R.S. ("community assisted bla bla bla" ..LOL).
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