June Dev Update Confirms Le Mans & Rallycross for Automobilista 2

Automobilista 2 Adrenaline Pack Rallycross 2.jpg
There was no doubt that the update to v1.5 would be a substantial one for Automobilista 2, with its revised physics being fully implemented after having partially been added for v1.4.8. The June Dev Update now shows the full extent - and it confirms both Le Mans and dirt racing for the sim. More is to come, however - so buckle up as there is a lot of news to unpack!

Image credit: Reiza Studios

The iconic endurance circuit at La Sarthe had been all but confirmed by Reiza's lead developer Renato Simioni after the April Dev Update, which has now been made official: Le Mans will join AMS2 later this year, including historical versions from the 1970s and 1990s as well as endurance features and more content appropriate for the circuit.

Reiza is working on both the modern and vintage fronts in this regard: Not only is AMS2 set to see the addition of select 2023 prototypes and more modern GT3s, but also classic GT and prototype vehicles from the early 1970s up to the mid-2000s, adding to the Group C and GT1 classes already in the sim.

Automobilista 2 Adrenaline Pack Rallycross.jpg

The Mitsubishi Lancer X and Volkswagen Polo RX are just two of the Rallycross cars coming to AMS2. Image credit: Reiza Studios

AMS2 Goes Off-Road​

The final part of the 2020-2022 (extended to 2023) Season Pass is inbound with the v1.5 update as well in the Adrenaline Pack. No official answer had been given thus far about what it would contain - until now: Simioni announced "a variety of off-road and extreme cars & tracks" in the dev update, specifically naming Rallycross and Rallycross Karts as upcoming additions.

Rallycross is going to see the introduction of the Mitsubishi Lancer X and Volkswagen Polo RX, and at least two more yet to be named models that will join them on the grid. Meanwhile, Rallycross Karts are small buggies that "are bound to shoot up right to the top of the charts in terms of fun factor", according to Simioni.

Automobilista 2 Adrenaline Pack Rallycross Karts.jpg

Rallycross Karts look like a fun addition to the off-road spectacle of the Adrenaline Pack. Image credit: Reiza Studios

Multiple circuits like the Nürburgring or Spa-Francorchamps are set to have Rallycross layouts added to them, which players will be able to use as part of the Adrenaline Pack even if they do not own the base versions of the circuits, in case they are DLC. Some dirt tracks already present in AMS1 are revamped and also return, such as Ascurra, Foz and Tykki.

The Madness Engine on which AMS2 is based is no stranger to dirt racing: Project CARS 2 featured Rallycross content in 2017 already, and Simioni is excited about "built-in world-class support for it, as LiveTrack handles deformable terrain and blending transitions from dirt, gravel to tarmac and back beautifully, along with an in-depth rule set that includes the use of joker laps."

That is not all, however: As the Dev Update was marked as "Pt. 1", more info on both the Adrenaline Pack and v1.5 as a whole are to be expected soon. The update is also going to feature free content in the shape of the Sigma P1 G5 and the Metalmoro AJR, both of which compete in the P1 class.

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Bigger Grids, Multiplayer & More
AMS2 Paddock Club
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Your Thoughts​

Once again, a considerable amount of changes and additions are coming to AMS2 - what do you think about part one of the June Dev Update? What are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

Bigger Grids, Multiplayer & More

Automobilista 2 Sigma P1 G5.jpg
Image credit: Reiza Studios

The update to v1.5 also tackles a few areas that the community saw room for improvement in - as did Reiza, obviously: The 32-car grid limit should increase in the future as the update enables the upscaling of tracks that are restricted to smaller grids. For now, 26-car grids are the aim, with all tracks eventually supposedly being able to run 32 vehicles at once, thus forming the basis of increasing the 32-car limit eventually.

Multiplayer is going to see small improvements while work on bigger ones is still ongoing in the background. This means that in v1.5, the online mode should see the implementation of a few quality of life improvements, auto-advancing sessions likely being one of the bigger features. Hosts will also be able to join the server as spectators, making it easier for races to feature live stewarding, for example.

No More AI Rain Advantage?​

More AI adjustments are also on their way, specifically concering the computer-controlled competition's behavior in the wet - thus far, they have an advantage in the rain due to their simplified physics model compare to the players'. More consistent performance and improved AI lines are also in the works.

Automobilista 2 Visible Safety Car.jpg

Gone are the days of an invisible safety car: v1.5 will introduce an actual vehicle leading cars around during full-course yellows. Image credit: Reiza Studios

Outside of the gameplay functionality areas, Reiza have always been friends of boosting immersion, and this also shows in v1.5: Not only is the safety car mechanic going to feature an actually visible safety car, but pit crews are going to be period-accurate as well moving forward. As it stands, the crew always dons full overalls and helmets, which tends to look out of place when racing early 1970s F1 cars at the vintage Nürburgring, for example.

Finally, the Formula Ultimate 2021 and Gen 2 have received some attention as well: The center pillars of their Halos can be made transparent as of v1.5, providing better visibility for monitor users. The pillar is not just going to disappear, though, as Reiza has chosen to implement a visualization of the actual effect drivers would see in a 3D environment.

Automobilista 2 Transparent Halo.jpg

Now you see it, now you don't: The Halo pillars of the two modern F1 cars can be made transparent, including a neat optical effect emulating what drivers would see in real life. Image credit: Reiza Studios

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AMS2 Paddock Club
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AMS2 Paddock Club

Automobilista 2 Adrenaline Pack Rallycross Karts 2.jpg
Image credit: Reiza Studios

As the release of theAdrenaline Pack will mean the completion of the Season Pass (save for a bonus Racin' USA pack), Reiza has also given an update on how they are going to proceed after this. Instead of another Season Pass, the studio has opted for a solution called "AMS2 Paddock Club."

Throughout the duration of the Season Pass, timings and scheduling fluctuated considerably, leading to frustration in some sim racers when a self-imposed deadline could not be kept by Reiza. the Paddock Club aims to eliminate this pressure while also enabling AMS2 players to join the Beta program, which has not been possible since the early days of the sim.

Not A Crowdfunding Initiative​

In short, sim racers can join the Paddock Club to gain access to the Beta and future content, but without the constraints of a timeline, plus any existing and upcoming DLC and more benefits. Simioni underscores that "the purpose of the Paddock Club is not to crowdfund its continued development as all existing plans for AMS2 are already fully funded." The Paddock Club is also aimed at players who want to have input regarding the sim, "not

Memberships will be available for a limited time only - "if you are just looking for a good deal and a chance to play updates early this probably is not for you", states Simioni. For more details, head over to the Reiza forum thread on the Paddock Club.
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Heel & Toe Gang 4 life :D


Rallycross was a surprisingly pleasant experience in PC2 so the engine is capable. I'm interested what the tweaked code from Reiza produces.

Le Mans, prototypes and new GT cars are welcome additions, but the AI needs to be taught some multiclass tricks.

And if I understand correctly additional content beyond the scope of the current season pass is going to be included in the base game?

Positive dev update, IMO they usually paint a better picture in these updates than the end result, but the sim does improve at its own pace. Sometimes more sometimes less. Wishing them the best of luck that it finally clicks for more players.
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On its own, the historic versions of Le Mans would be quite exciting. I know it will be pretty much rebuilt to a higher standard, but even if it was a copy/paste of the amazing Project CARS2 circuit it'd be great.

However, within the ecosystem that AMS2 has already built, with a roster of some 10 other '70s and '80s/'90s circuits it's a mindblowing addition that really will add a sense of 'completeness'. The '70s circuits and single seaters are excellent, but adding more GT and prototype racing to this era will really round it off perfectly - it's not just LM, but with Monza, Nurburgring, Spa and Silverstone (not to mention Kyalami, Zeltweg, Interlagos, Imola and more) there's a good chunk of '70s WSC roster (except vintage versions of US tracks).

In conjunction with the updated physics and further AI improvements in changing conditions..... so much to look forward to here!

Oh, and there's RX stuff. Yey, I guess, that's out of the way now...
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Wow. Didn't expect this at all.
Didn't have time for personal Le Mans full grid sim event prior real world venue this year and had to interrupt my rF2 event due to busy hours.

Next Reiza to-do:
Savegame feature.

Oh, please :inlove:

I read it as my 2020-2022 Season Pass will expire by the end of this year.

I assume I'll keep my goodies so far, but new content will require new €€/$ investment.

Bearing in mind news about partnership between Reiza and Straight4Games I'll be very reluctant on that part deep into 2024 and observe how things develops.
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Current and historic Le Mans and endurance features are awesome news. As is rallycross... I recall people saying rallycross was a standout in Project CARS 2. Although ultimately, what would push me to finally buy this sim are physics fixes and well-calibrated AI. Oh, and the most important feature... I'm still holding out hope for a totally-not Stadium Super Truck and dedicated track layouts with jumps :roflmao: like there were in AMS 1.
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It will be interesting to compare the endurance package in AMS2 with the MSG WEC game, because I think they will be released around the same time period. Unless MSG delays the WEC game. But let's be optimistic for once! Hypercars in AMS2 is very exciting, but I don't think we will get the full grid. AMS2 doesn't feature Ferrari cars, not at the moment anyway.

The addition of two new cars in the Brazilian Endurance category is great news. One of the things I love about AMS2 is the possibility of racing cars that are not available anywhere else and, in many cases, that I've never even heard of.
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I watched the real LeMans and I really didn't like the race. All the announcers talked about was Hypercars. None of the other classes got any love most of the broadcast. I think next year they allow GT3, but the GT cars this year seemed to only be covered when they crashed or got in the way of Hypercars.

Maybe if I drive the track in a sim, my opinion will change. I even own a copy of "Ford vs Ferrari". :)
The news are very interesting especially with more added circuit and classic car! :thumbsup:

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