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The update to v1.5 also tackles a few areas that the community saw room for improvement in - as did Reiza, obviously: The 32-car grid limit should increase in the future as the update enables the upscaling of tracks that are restricted to smaller grids. For now, 26-car grids are the aim, with all tracks eventually supposedly being able to run 32 vehicles at once, thus forming the basis of increasing the 32-car limit eventually.

Multiplayer is going to see small improvements while work on bigger ones is still ongoing in the background. This means that in v1.5, the online mode should see the implementation of a few quality of life improvements, auto-advancing sessions likely being one of the bigger features. Hosts will also be able to join the server as spectators, making it easier for races to feature live stewarding, for example.

No More AI Rain Advantage?​

More AI adjustments are also on their way, specifically concering the computer-controlled competition's behavior in the wet - thus far, they have an advantage in the rain due to their simplified physics model compare to the players'. More consistent performance and improved AI lines are also in the works.

Automobilista 2 Visible Safety Car.jpg

Gone are the days of an invisible safety car: v1.5 will introduce an actual vehicle leading cars around during full-course yellows. Image credit: Reiza Studios

Outside of the gameplay functionality areas, Reiza have always been friends of boosting immersion, and this also shows in v1.5: Not only is the safety car mechanic going to feature an actually visible safety car, but pit crews are going to be period-accurate as well moving forward. As it stands, the crew always dons full overalls and helmets, which tends to look out of place when racing early 1970s F1 cars at the vintage Nürburgring, for example.

Finally, the Formula Ultimate 2021 and Gen 2 have received some attention as well: The center pillars of their Halos can be made transparent as of v1.5, providing better visibility for monitor users. The pillar is not just going to disappear, though, as Reiza has chosen to implement a visualization of the actual effect drivers would see in a 3D environment.

Automobilista 2 Transparent Halo.jpg

Now you see it, now you don't: The Halo pillars of the two modern F1 cars can be made transparent, including a neat optical effect emulating what drivers would see in real life. Image credit: Reiza Studios

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