AMS2 Paddock Club

Image credit: Reiza Studios

As the release of theAdrenaline Pack will mean the completion of the Season Pass (save for a bonus Racin' USA pack), Reiza has also given an update on how they are going to proceed after this. Instead of another Season Pass, the studio has opted for a solution called "AMS2 Paddock Club."

Throughout the duration of the Season Pass, timings and scheduling fluctuated considerably, leading to frustration in some sim racers when a self-imposed deadline could not be kept by Reiza. the Paddock Club aims to eliminate this pressure while also enabling AMS2 players to join the Beta program, which has not been possible since the early days of the sim.

Not A Crowdfunding Initiative​

In short, sim racers can join the Paddock Club to gain access to the Beta and future content, but without the constraints of a timeline, plus any existing and upcoming DLC and more benefits. Simioni underscores that "the purpose of the Paddock Club is not to crowdfund its continued development as all existing plans for AMS2 are already fully funded." The Paddock Club is also aimed at players who want to have input regarding the sim, "not

Memberships will be available for a limited time only - "if you are just looking for a good deal and a chance to play updates early this probably is not for you", states Simioni. For more details, head over to the Reiza forum thread on the Paddock Club.
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