1. A

    Oi Wharf (大井埠頭) TREE Lighting FIX 1.0

    Fix for 90's Golden Drift Spot Project #6 - Oi Wharf (大井埠頭) 1.0 90's Golden Drift Spot Project #6 - 大井埠頭 1.0の修正 Tree lighting FIX for Oi Wharf. No one made it, so I made it. 大井埠頭のツリー点灯FIX。誰も作ってくれなかったので、私が作りました。 Share and Enjoy! シェアして楽しもう! Extract file into folder, フォルダに解凍します、 "C:\Program...
  2. M

    Assetto Corsa Error Message With Barnds Hatch (I didn't do anything with the track)

    Hello everyone, I wanted to make a race in Brands Hatch with mods, but I got this message, after that I tried to make practice with a Kunos car, but same....and after this I tried with enabled CSP..the track has been loaded but unusually.....(you can see in picture) Can somebody help me? It's...
  3. I

    Reverse Light + fixed ext_config for MNBA GT4RS 1.0

    With this fix, we can finally have a working reverse light for the MNBA Porsche GT4RS. Besides that, I also adjusted the front and rear lights, as they were very bright. I also adjusted the dashboard indicators to be a bit darker. Lastly, I fixed broken emissives from the indicators, not...
  4. How to Fix the “Floaty” Feeling in Automobilista 2

    How to Fix the “Floaty” Feeling in Automobilista 2

    Automobilista 2 is a controversial title as some love it and others hate its supposedly “floaty” feeling. Here are some tips to eradicate the strange feeling so you too can enjoy the sim. As we often mention, Automobilista 2 is a dream simulator for any budding motorsport historian. It features...
  5. EA Sports WRC: Simple Settings Change Dramatically Increases FPS

    EA Sports WRC: Simple Settings Change Dramatically Increases FPS

    Since launch, the community has been looking for an EA Sports WRC FPS fix. As it turns out, a simple setting does the trick. When EA Sports WRC launched, hopes were high, but the game came with performance issues for many. The first update a week after release tried to fix them by introducing...
  6. EA Sports WRC FFB Guide, Moza & Asetek Fix

    EA Sports WRC FFB Guide, Moza & Asetek Fix

    The FFB settings in EA Sports WRC are simple, but one can tweak perfection, here is how. Also, find out how to fix FFB on Moza and Asetek wheels. Image credit: EA Sports In sim racing and racing games in general, the feeling behind the wheel is crucial to a fun experience. Therefore, it is...
  7. S

    DiRT Rally Stutter Fix for Dirt Rally, Dirt 4, Grid Autosport!

    Apparently this issue was fixed in Dirt 2.0 v1.10.1 but was never fixed for the other games. The issue is a constant sutter every few seconds or so. Framerate doesn't matter, gfx settings doesn't matter. This issue has been driving me crazy for a couple years now. The issue has something to do...
  8. Rainmaker_87

    Historic gloves and suits for 60s, 70s and 80s driver 2.0

    This patches the anachronistic Sparco gloves and driver suit for all car mods using the original Kunos driver models "driver_60.kn5", "driver_70.kn5" and "driver_80.kn5". While the original Kunos cars will be untouched because they use it's own skins, all old car mods out there (that are using...
  9. CrestedIsland

    Indianapolis Curb + Grass Fix v1.0

    Hey! This is my simple mod to fix the curbs and grass for aa_ims. Whenever you go over them, they both for some reason kill your speed for no reason, at least on the version I downloaded off of Breathe's Tracklist. This is meant as a simple fix to make the curbs act like curbs should, and to...
  10. Squery

    Apps I am trying to fix the youtube android auto app

    So from i've seen, the previous fix used an old version of yt-dlp Which returns 'failed to stream video' So i updated it to the latest version And it returns this error on the screen " Failed to get video URL : Not Autorized URL ...
  11. Rainmaker_87

    Rainmaker GTR2 Collectors Pack 1.0

    All releases I've made for GTR2 in one pack for your collection. Pack includes: Le Mans 2012 v1.3 GTR2 a zolee145 by Rainmaker Meadowdale 1968 v1.31 GTR2 by philrob and Rainmaker Moscow Raceway v1.2 (2 layouts for GTR2) a zamahali by Rainmaker Riverside International Raceway v1.0 GTR2 by...
  12. Rainmaker_87

    Rainmaker rFactor Collectors Pack Part 1 1.0

    All releases I've made for rFactor in one pack for your collection. You need all two parts to open the archive file! Part 1: Part 2...
  13. FurryestXYTDJ

    ♦️ Aston Martin DTM 2019 Better Skins ♦️ 1.0.0

    Skins Remaster For the DRF LIGA mod, The Full Remaster Is Coming Soon Küstoms Racing Cars 1 & 2 1 - Sayan Arckzecter (Me) 2 - Krumer Nantz (Second Driver) - Original Liveries: - J.Dennis - The Devil Himself: Paul Di Resta - Von Habsburg - Daniel Juncadella (Tyres Blur Might not work...
  14. Rainmaker_87

    Car fix pack - autoshift, electronics, AI pitting and stuff 6.3

    Various car fixes I've made over the years. Mostly for the often wrongly edited autoshift function for game pad and keyboard uses. I also managed to fix the issue when cars going into the pits after lap one. If a car does not drive correctly and is stuttering then it's faulty electronics...
  15. S

    [Assetto Corsa} Activated Apps not showing up at App Windows

    I installed AutoBGM by drag and dropping the file from my own Assetto dowloaded mods folder to Content Manager, when testing the app, i clicked "Developer Apps" and click the visible box for the AutoBGM mod and it worked when starting a race But later i've deleted the mod manually from...
  16. Breanuts

    URD Bayro 4 GT3 V2 DRL fix (CSP) V2.1

    Hi, I'm back with a "fix" This time is with URD's Bayro 4 GT3 V2. Just a light fix to the DRL, which they (hopefully) now function as they are and look alright at all angles. Also included are minor adjustments to the PBR materials and rim blur normals and map. Just replace the contents in the...

    Fixed track selection maps for Lake Louise 2.08 1.0

    These maps were included with the track download, but they are not set up to display in the track selection screen, and some are hard to see when set up that way. I moved and renamed them, and I also thickened the lines on those and created a new one for the 23km freeroam. It helps see what each...
  18. Andrey_Camper

    Realistic high beam headlights fix

    Background: I went to an online server to ride on a track. After a while, night fell. I turned on the high beams and to my surprise I saw absolutely nothing but a narrow space in the middle of the screen. Since I actually drove a car with high beams on, I know it must look completely different...
  19. L

    F1 22 Help fix my MyTeam package?

    Hi, I'm hoping to find somebody willing to be so kind as to help me fix my files. I had this livery designed for me last year and due to a drastic change in my life, moving house and other things I didn't ever get chance to start my YouTube channel and begin creating... Now I've returned and...
  20. Danilo-cs

    IA FIX in Mod Euro Racer V2 Adu Dhabi 1.0

    Hi I'm Danilo I downloaded a track here, I think Euroracer Abu Dhabi and as good as the mod is, I noticed that the AI has an ugly bug. I tried to find this fix here on the same site but I didn't find it. As I wanted to make a special video, I corrected it myself and I think it's possible to...

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