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[Car Data] F1 BMIG and DIFF Control [DEPRECATED]

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  1. Features properly integrated into the VRC Formula Alpha 2023

    This mod is outdated and has some mistakes that have since been corrected in their...

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What a great mod. I absolutely love it.
But i have one little problem, i cant get the ext.controls working because i dont know how to reference the index of my wheel. Could you pls help me with that
This is by far the most amazing and sophisticated app for AC. I'm lucky to have an Elemento from VPG sim, so I'm able to address all buttons to the wheel.
It's absolutely great to be able and change brake migration and differential settings. The app is working flawless, it's just stunning. This masterpiece devers even more than 5 stars. It was an honour to donate a little bit to the creator, and I truly hope you will do it too.
VRC - Schmawlik
VRC - Schmawlik
Thanks for all of the amazing support Clay, you are truly appreciated! Glad you are enjoying everything!
amazing mod.
Just downloaded but going with the concept detailed above and the reviews this sounds amazing. thanks
cant seem to get car behind/which lap data? very good though
can you help?
That's the level of mad scientist stuff we are getting nowadays from AC modders. I didn't even know what BMIG was, now I'm hooked to changing it and test how it affects performance. Racing is a life long experience. Thanks mate!
Your idea&technique is brilliant,thanks
VRC - Schmawlik
VRC - Schmawlik
Thanks phosky!
This is incredible! I hope to see differential adjustments come next. You are really adding the features into AC that should have always been there. Thank you!
VRC - Schmawlik
VRC - Schmawlik
I will begin my work on diff settings!

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