[RARE] Rules and Race Enhancements

[RARE] Rules and Race Enhancements v1.1.5.0

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Requires Minimum CSP version v0.1.79 (2144)

This app is meant to help fix some of the shortcomings that AC has in regards to rules, AI, and race setup. If you need help or have any questions, use the discussion board on this mod page. I will not answer questions left in the reviews.

LATEST RARE PREVIEW BUILD v1.2.0.0-preview800



1. Download and unzip RARE, copy it’s contents to the root Assetto Corsa directory.

How to enable RARE:
1. For each track, if there is not an existing RARE layout, then when you launch the game on the desired layout, you must click this button in order to inject RARE for this track/layout. Clicking this button will create the RARE layout, and reboot Assetto Corsa into the new layout.


2. For future sessions on tracks that already have the RARE layout created, you can select the RARE layout in Content Manager to avoid having to do any extra reboots. The layout will have 'RARE' appended to the end of the layout title. "Example Track Layout RARE"


3. While in the setup menu before the session starts, you will have access to the RULES and AI tabs in the RARE settings menu. After the session has started, you will not be able to changes settings on these tabs unless you restart the session.


Verify RARE is running:
  • If you are in the setup menu, you can check to see if the button in the top right is green and says ON, If it it doesn't, then you can click the button to turn the app on.
  • You can also check in game with the debug window to see if "RARE Enabled" is equal to TRUE.




DRS Control:

  • Reads detection line data from ‘drs_zones.ini’ in the track data folder.


  • Controls the ability to deploy DRS for AI and players.
  • Disables both AI and player DRS deployment if the following conditions aren’t met.
    • Within 1 second gap of car ahead before the detection line.
    • 2 race laps have been completed and DRS is enabled.
    • Lapped cars can also provide DRS, since we only care about track position not race position.
  • Uses driver's track position, not race position, so that lapped cars can also provide DRS.
  • Only works in Race sessions and ignores Practice and Qualify sessions.
  • If track gets to a certain "wetness", DRS will be disabled.
    • DRS re-enabled after track has dried.
DRS Beep and Flap Sound
  • Original audio from DRSSound app on RaceDepartment.
  • 3 audio sliders: Master, Beep, Flap
  • Beeps correspond with DRS being available, and will not beep if the driver was not in DRS range when crossing the detection line.
F1 Tyre Compound Correction:
  • Limits the tyre compounds based on a config file per track. This allow you to simulate the real life tyre compound restrictions.
  • Changes the compound texture based on whether it is the hard, medium, or soft compound. This is also controlled by the config file.
  • The track folder name is used to ID the track.
  • The compounds are based on an index starting at 0.
  • The example below is for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2022 S.

AI Fuel Fill:
  • Fill AI tank for races, so they don’t have to pit for fuel.
  • Restricts AI from refilling their tanks during a race.
  • Uses the fuel_cons.ini to guess the fuel consumption for the entire race.

AI Forced Pit New Tyres:
  • AI will pit for new tyres once their average tyre life is below a set threshold.
AI Alternate Level:
  • New difficulty formula that allows AI to be on full throttle when driving on straights. This allows for more competitive AI at lower difficulties.
F1 Style HUD:
  • Race Control notifications, currently only for DRS being enabled/disabled.

Latest updates

  1. v1.2.0.0-preview800 Release

    Download: v1.2.0.0-preview800 Patreon - Access to Preview Builds Requires CSP version...
  2. Pirelli Limits Preview

    Here’s a quick video showcasing an upcoming feature. Pirelli Limits will help enforce the track...
  3. Compound Color Correction for VRC Formula Alpha 2023

    Since the VRC Formula Alpha 2023 and 2022 cars have their tyre textures in a zip file, the RARE...

Latest reviews worked better... yeah... go back or change the "use diferent layout" thing
Excellent mod but since I used the cspv0.2.1 the DRS flap and beep can only be heard in the cockpit view... I hope you can fix that
HI !

I'm having an error like it seems to have loaded properly but a popup window is shown with the text "AN ERROR HAS OCURRED" can anyone help me ?
Amazing mod. Makes Formula 1 racing in Assetto Corsa viable.

Only complaint is that AI drivers slow down after their qualifying lap on race Weekends. This leads to other AI drivers losing time on their quali laps due to other AI driving slowly on the racing line. If there was only a way to have the AI overtake the cars that are on their cooldown lap OR have cooldown lap drivers stay off the racing line, this mod would be perfect. Also, the minimum tyre pressure in the pirelli limits doesn’t seem to work for me. It still allows me to start races at lower PSIs than the set limit and same goes for the AI.

Thank you Schmawlik for the amazing work! Hopefully we see more game changing additions in the near future :)
It's a game changer.
I use it @ every race, every type of race car, it works with GT cars, skip barber etc...

Amazing mod, but broken at the moment. Even with CSP 1.79 and the latest RARE version (the one from Patreon). Minimum developer feedback. Guess Schamawlik is working on something even bigger than RARE, can't wait to see it :)
VRC - Schmawlik
VRC - Schmawlik
Latest RARE version from Patreon does not work on CSP 1.79
The DRS God has struck again.
As I wrote in the Rainmaker's 1988 improvements.
If you were a rock star and I was a female fan, I would hold up a sign that said:
Schmawlik, be the father of my children.
Thanks for the weekend gift.
The best
Excellent job! But there are a couple of questions, will this app work with all f1 mods? And will the application work with custom championships, for example with this https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/formula-1-world-championship-2022.56297/
I've been using RARE for about a year now. And it's really dang good. But the latest version has a nagging problem. It seems like about half the tracks I use it on, when I inject RARE, it loads back in, and then in the bottom right it will give me a flag that says "an error has occurred". But as far as I can tell, it's functioning properly. But that error window floats on top of any other window/app/whatever I'd have open. And I can't move it, it snaps back into place.
VRC - Schmawlik
VRC - Schmawlik
Hey thanks for the review, sorry you’re having issues. Can you DM me and I’ll see if I can help resolve this issue for anyone having it.
Fantastic app. Has saved my single player racing!
It adds lots of realism to single races against IA! Great effort!
Great app overall - but for some reason from today I am now getting an error message with CSP 1.79, even if I roll back to the 1.15 version. In-game it says 'RARE - an error has occurred'. Even though it is 'injected', and giving me the options, and seems to be working (cars pit and DRS works). Any ideas?
Few questions lol:

- Do the AI pit for a different compound?

- In the RARE Debug, under the "Tyres" tab, the Starting Tyre Compound will be different from what the Current Compound states. Why? For example under Current Compound, it will read C2, but under Start Compound, it reads C3.

Also I did make sure to change the compound choices for the different cars I'm using via config files, and basically Copy+Paste your example shown in desc. of the mod.
You sir are a legend. Only issue so far i have discovered is with the tyre choice for a given track, eg: for Bahrain_2020 i configured the tyre choice to be 1,2,3 (c2,c3,c4), however in reality its c1,c2,c3 and the AI can choose even the c4 and c5 in practice and qually.. Any suggestions?
Best mod ever. I am extremely grateful to the author of this mod for many hours of entertainment at the highest level. Schmawlik you are a genius <3 what do you think about the side mirror mod? The middle mirror could be divided and made into two side mirrors. This would be a great mod for people with smaller monitors.
Awesome, thanks so much for your hard work. Really adds another level of realism to the game. Guys like you never cease to amaze me with your magic.
Good! I gonna try the updated beta one too.
VRC - Schmawlik
VRC - Schmawlik
Thanks, I appreciate the support!
great mod, great addition
VRC - Schmawlik
VRC - Schmawlik
Thank you for the kind words and the debug help you have provided me.

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