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Yellow Flag App 2.5

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No longer do the AI completely ignore yellow flags!

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Affects the AI when a yellow flag is present in the following ways:
  • They slow down significantly (Top Speed limit.)
  • They don't overtake each other.
  • They weave to generate heat in their tyres. (After lap one to reduce crashes.) (Temporarily removed, will look to re-add when I can get it too work without causing too many crashes.)

Affects the Player when a yellow flag is present in the following ways:
  • Reduces top speed of the player to yellow flag speed limit. (Doesn't affect brake, only limits gas pedal.)

The app also ensures that the shortest time a yellow flag is present is 10 seconds.

You can tailor the app to your preferences using the User variables in the .lua file to set:
  • Yellow Flag Speed Limit

You can now also trigger your own yellow flags using the Start Yellow Flag UI Buttons.

I have also added buttons for enabling and disabling track physics. Track physics needs to be disabled for when jumping into online lobbies to avoid being kicked for having checksum error (non-matching files.)
Track physics needs to be enabled for the yellow flag app to work in your offline sessions vs AI.

For the future:
  • Add weaving feature (in state without too many crashes)
  • Look into adding penalties for overtaking under yellow flags.

Latest updates

  1. 2.5

    2.5 Update: Refactor AI slow down to match the player better. Removed AI tyre warm up weaving...
  2. 2.4 - Fixed AI Invalidated Laps & Code improvements

    This update: Fixes the bug where all AI Laps were getting invalidated, breaking qualifying...
  3. 2.3 - Update

    2.3 Brings the following updates: Auto Braking has been removed as it interfered with driver...

Latest reviews

AI still does not follow Yellow flag, CSP VERSION preview 211
Hi, that is strange. I'm using 0.2.1 for testing. I will check it with other versions.
The best of the best, definitely an essential app
Excellent application, after trying this application for a while I am satisfied with the offline races, but somehow it modifies the game and causes the typical red screen to appear on the online servers, and kicks you off the server.
Hi Rofeh, I have added a button to disable track layout physics in update 2.0 so when switching to online the files are back to normal which should stop you getting the red screen.
Amazing app! Finally AC got FCY & rolling starts.
I like it alot, just not a 5 star, cause when I overtake on yellow I do not get a penalty? Plus the fact that it's always a full-course yellow (virual safetycar) ?
Great app, thank you very much. Your applications improve the single player experience.
Do you think it would be possible to create some mandatory pitstop?
Thank you!
Hi, yes, I have made an app for AI pit stops! It is on my Patreon, as it took a lot to develop. You can find it here: with a few other of my larger apps.
Thanks for updates
Very good, brings a sense of realism to the game. One question would it be possible to hook into the drivers pit limiter and activate/deactivate it automatically so driver and and AI are like responding to a full course yellow?
Yeah, I could look into ways to force the player to slow down to the same speed as the AI under yellow flag conditions.
Hi, in the new 2.0 version, the player also has their speed limited whilst under yellow flag conditions!
it works flawlessly with formula cars and pretty much many other car mods that have a good acceleration. manually controlling it is pretty close to how a Safety Car.
Incredible application like all the ones you have done so far, one question, is there a way to make the flag turn green automatically? like in version 1.3?
All your Apps are excellent for Offline Racing Thank you for this! Now we just need a button to deploy a Safety Car for like 2 laps and its Perfect :P
Very good and Realstick
No bugs for me!!!!!!!!!!

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