Good Year Tires effects & GTE Gen 2 / IndyCars FFB

Hello guys !

We have tried a lot of cars and tracks with a friend (from DLC and free content) and we have noticed that lots of cars with Good Year tires seems to be broken regarding the track effect and more than that some content as GTE Gen 2 and some IndyCar series seems to have no efficient FFB unless you put the strength at 80 or 100 and the result is much clipping in my wheel...

I don't know if you have experienced this during your game sessions.
I have a FFB strength around 30 and i have tried with more FFB and the situation is as expected : more strenght but not very much tire friction on the track or track effect, even with dampers effect and track effect at 50 or 60 +.

It's the same for old categories with Good Year tires.

I've read that the next X.6 patch and the next big 1.6 update will work around lots of tire physics for lots of categories but i don't know if you have experiences the same feeling as me.



EDIT : problem solved.
FFB settings in menus put on Defaut +
Reset all FBB for the cars.
Gamepad disconnected and only my G29 connected.

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