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Skins Fictional McLaren Honda SAP 3.0

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When I downloaded the mod and looked at the car's color, I realised that the base color was self-made :D
-Clarity- updated Fictional McLaren Honda SAP with a new update entry:

McLaren Honda - Logo Update

Update 3.0

Fixed the mirrored SAP logo on the left sidepod.
I replaced the hilton hhonors logo by the Tag Heuer logo on the rear wing. I replaced all the logos on the noseas well as the numbers on it
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Read the rest of this update entry...
I thought that the base color was used from my Orange McLaren before I downloaded this mod :p
Oh my xD no no don't worry. I wanted to make a red one but ._. I'm a Ferrari fan :p, my brother didn't really like the blue one xD and I dont like green so .. I wen't for orange xD.

The SAP logo has a fault on the left sidepod (mirroring, you gotta make it smaller :D)
I fixed the SAP logo thingy and replaced the pixelated logos :3
Well, I mean that I get through practice and then during Q1 or Q2 the car gets totalled and that's it... then when I go to the race, in the pit all the tyres are "damaged" according to the game, and when I start, it blows the engine and that's it....
Well, I do not mean to imply anything by saying this, but with the other mods everything works just fine and I can finish the races... could be something wrong with my save file or smthng.... maybe I shall try your mod once again for as I said, I love the color

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