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Skins White Honda McLaren 2014-10-20

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Maybe in time here we'll find more realistic HD or DHD car skins , helmets , T-cam ,tyres , and weather improvements etc., to make this F1 2014 game look better...close to reality.I apreciate those who made other skin versions but i like more to play with a car painted like in F1 2014 reality.
Nice attempt chadi1973, I wonder how you bypassed the mirror-imagery though. On the fourth screenshot (the shot from above on the lcd monitor in the pit box) you can make out that the "Powered by HONDA" and "McLaren" logo's display normal on the left side (just like in the other screenshots), but also seem to display that way on the right side of the car, instead of spelling "ADNOH" and "neraLcM" like when the car would be mirror-imaged so to speak.

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