1953 Gnoo Blas Tree fx

1953 Gnoo Blas Tree fx 1.0

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Hello everyone,

as I´m a huge vintage motorsport fan myself, I have to admit I stumbled upon this beauty only recently.


Lavalamp 641 made an incredible job recreating this australian gem.

Get The Track here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/gnoo-blas-motor-racing-circuit.43880/


Small Updates will follow, as I´m still working on backround Vegetation and Performance.

!I highly recommend to create a BACKUP of the original files before installing!

!Please install manually!
You need CSP 1.79 or higher to use the Tree FX feature.

Latest updates

  1. Final Version

    Before I leave, the last Version. Feel free to use any Models includet (good boys give a...
  2. Performace improvement + New Tree Model

    Changed some model values to increase performance. Also, new Tree models were added.
  3. Performace fix

    Added new LODs to improve performance Overhauled 3D Models Added color variation Adjusted sizes...

Latest reviews

Thank you so much for this amazing Up grade.
thanks, performance is now very good since v0.95
Awesome. That track needed a bunch of decorating. Thanks
Looks fantastic. Keep up your work! Thank you.
Much better performance in the last build !!!
Great work !!!!
Thanks, it looks excellent.
will you please also update the Reims track by gilles75?

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