Tree fx for Monza 66

Tree fx for Monza 66 1.0

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Hello everyone,

classic Monza now has 3D Trees.

This is the first Part of an upcoming "vintage mini series".
Some updates will follow...


Please expect a slight performance hit, there´s a lot more stuff to render.

Keep the Version number in mind.
Any constructive Feedback is appriciated.

If you are planning to use any models included in this extension, please let me know and consider a small donation.

!I highly recommend to create a BACKUP of the original files before installing!

!Please install manually!

You need CSP 1.79 or higher to use the Tree FX feature.

Enjoy my friends!
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What a difference! A small thing like trees makes it soo much more pleasing visually!
Is it possible to remove some trees for the people like me that use the chicane variant often? There are trees at the first chicane which obviously wouldn't be there during the years they used them. Second chicane is good though!
Thanks for adding cream to my cake! Good job done.

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