Tree fx for V.I.R.

Tree fx for V.I.R. 1.0

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Hello everyone,

in my opinion one of the best circuits in the US, the Virginia International Raceway now has 3D trees.


Please expect a slight performance hit, there´s a lot more stuff to render.

Keep the Version number in mind.
Any constructive Feedback is appriciated.Screenshot_ac_legends_lola_t290_vir_1-4-123-19-16-46.jpg

If you are planning to use any models included in this extension, please let me know and consider a small donation.

!I highly recommend to create a BACKUP of the original files before installing!

!Please install manually!

You need CSP 1.79 or higher to use the Tree FX feature.

Enjoy my friends!

Latest updates

  1. Final Version

    Before I leave, the last Version. Feel free to use any Models includet (good boys give a...
  2. Major Update

    -New LOD -New Backround vegetation -Several new 3D Models
  3. Weird giant Tree fix

    :confused: The giant Tree is gone now, don´t worry :confused:

Latest reviews

Great. I was waiting for something similar.
So much more life on the track!
amazing!!!! thx
Thanks a lot, this track deserves all the love you're putting on tweaking it. Pinned!
Amazing improvement to a track which could already look pretty damn good with the right tweaks. These 3D trees are pretty heavy on performance, but they're worth it.
Any improvement to IMSA tracks are always appreciated. VIR will always be a classic AC mod to me and any help to improve the graphics and driving experience there is always appreciated.
Great work 10/10 Love this track now )))
It looks amazing! Very well done!
Could you possibly add some 2D trees further back in the background? From some replay-camera-angles I could see that there are some missing (for example next to the Back Straight after T11&12)
But either than that it looks fantastic! Thanks!
Johannes Steiger
Johannes Steiger
Yupp, I will add some background vegetation and also additions for the other layouts in the next update. Thanks for the feedback!
Stunning. Takes the track to a whole new level. Thanks for the impressive work.

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