1968 Daihatsu P-5

1968 Daihatsu P-5 1.03

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The Historic Sim Studios team is proud to present the 1968 Daihatsu P-5 for Assetto Corsa! Today marks both the 60th anniversary of the Japanese Grand Prix and the 55th anniversary of the Daihatsu P-5's triumphant class win at the Grand Prix in 1968.

This is our first mod for Assetto Corsa that we have finished to a degree that is ready for a public release. We love vintage and classic racing! The Historic Sim Studios team produces historically accurate cars and race tracks for the Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Pro, and Automobilista 2.



1968 Daihatsu P-5 Features:
  • Historically accurate physics based upon researched data, some measurements, and Appendix J Regulations.
  • Pasta's eleven historically accurate paint schemes and his meticulous research.
  • New engine damage model, where the engine will gradually lose power with damage when beyond 50% of its health, then at 25% the engine will start to have throttle cuts.
  • Custom R92B engine sounds.
  • Working windshield wipers.

History of the Car:
Daihatsu by the mid 60s was a major constructor in the Japanese motorsports scene. Their special prototype car lineage, dubbed the P-series, originating as far back as 1965 remains one of the most interesting types of racing cars to come from Japan.


The breakthrough car came in 1966, with the Compagno based P-3. Due to the small engine installed in the P-3, it was allowed to run the lowest class at the 1966 Japan Grand Prix. An easy victory for the Daihatsu brand followed. In 1967, Daihatsu debuted the P-5; an all new prototype running the R92 I4 engine of just 1.298cc put into a lightweight and aerodynamic body. Daihatsu made full use of their windtunnel, which was unique in Japan at the time, making the car very aerodynamically efficient. Sadly, the R92 engine was underdeveloped and saw neither 1967 Japan Grand Prix entrants succeed in breaking the 2:20 minimum lap time enforced for the race.


Daihatsu then retired the P-5 from competition to rework the car. Returning by March 1968, the P-5X had a revised R92B engine now producing up to 138bhp, a restyled and lightened body (now coming in at just 510kg) alongside minor chassis improvements. Daihatsu entered 5 cars at the 1968 Japan Grand Prix and were all allocated in the lowest class due to the small engine mounted in the middle. Not all P-5's survived the race, but #15 snatched up the class win for Daihatsu for the first time since 1966.

unknown (9).png

Following on from the Grand Prix, Daihatsu entered two P-5's for the remainder of 1968's Japan Endurance racing season with further class wins at the Suzuka 1000km, NET Speed Cup and in 1969 the Suzuka 300km. Daihatsu was taken over by Toyota by this time and ended the P-series program permanently.


The Historic Sim Studios Team:
A Casual Sim Racer, Fourty-Too, Machina, Omar Chalke, Pasta, Nugget, technoracerx, Senta, Christine, Frixon Pilot, Syke, Gary, Flammia, Tyrone, angelfaceddevil, Sergio Loro, Motorsport Madness, Garamond247, BuildingRevz, Dinossaurin, Martinezlj, and E Andersson.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.03 Update

    v1.03 Changelog: 1. Fuel rate adjustment for AI. 2. Improved AI. 3. Revised CSP...
  2. v1.02 Update!

    v1.02 Changelog: 1. Bug fix for headlight emission of light. 2. Revised UI name to include "JGT"...
  3. v1.0 Release!

    1. Improved FFB 2. Improved visual materials. 3. Added exhaust shake. 4. Added refractions on...

Latest reviews

Nice race car. Very detailled!
Always enjoy seeing classic cars come to life on AC and this is a real nice one! Although somehow the FFB feels a bit too light (v1.0) this is the first iteration of the car that i tried as I read something about FFB on previous versions. But if the FFB could be improved in terms of neutral strength would be great, as to get some feel on the road even when going down a straight, I had to increase the cars overall to 120% ingame. PS: im on a CSW 2.5
So good to drive
I'm a casual player an find your MOD beautiful and very enjoyable and fun to drive.

The only negative is that I can very easily beat AI on 100% strength and 100% aggression (and that never happens with any other official cars or MOD).
Any suggestion on what grid I could set up to race with this car?
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Thanks for the feedback. We will look at making the AI faster and more of a challenge. One thing to note is that this car is in a lower class, but there a few cars that can fill out a realistic late 60s JGT field, although they aren't necessarily an equal match.

Right now we have the 1968 Toyota 415S Flatnose in early access for our supporters to test and provide feedback. The Lola T70 MkII and the Honda S800 also raced in the late 1960s JGT races.

Here is the Lola T70 MkII:

And here are some authentic skins they used during the JGT races:

Here is the Honda S800:

Here are some authentic skins for the S800:

As I mentioned in another answer to a review, we are working on developing two more of the JGT cars in addition to the Toyota and Daihatsu. The 1968 Nissan R381 and the 1968 Isuzu R6.
great car more cars from the 60s please
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Of course! Currently in early access we have the 1968 Toyota 415S. Then the 1968 Nissan R381 and the 1968 Isuzu R6 are in the late stages of development, ready for their early access release upon being voted on by our supporters. Finally, we have a 1973 Matra MS670 in the early stages of development. We are also developing a 1973 Targa Legends pack which will include 4 cars from 1973, with a planned release for sometime in 2024. I (Daniel) personally would also like to get to some Can Am cars, but that depends on what our supporters vote on, right now they are really into choosing various 1930s sportscars for our team to develop.
4 stars for now, altho to me even more like 3.5 sadly. The model is beautiful, handles quite believable, altho it does handle if it has narrower tires somehow.
But the sounds, man... I hope there will be an update to them.
There are "dips" where sound loops just disappear at certain rpm of low-mid range, there are some noticeable seam in the looping in some of the samples, but most of all, just adding a low pass filter to all the external sounds for the cockpit - it's not the way to go. At least it could be done more elegantly, not just cutting all the high frequencies and leaving the most unpleasant range from 2 to 5 khz audible, completely cutting off everything thats above. Maybe it's only an issue for headphone drivers, but after one lap at Nords i had strong tinnitus because ears/brain try to adapt to the weird spectrum.
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Thanks for the feedback. We will look at getting some better sounds made, but it can be very expensive being $200 to $500 depending on who we hire. This was an attempt to create the sounds ourselves, although obviously it can be better as you mention. You can see the difference when we hire a professional sound designer with the sound of our 1934 Mercedes W25 we are still developing.

We will push out the 0.995 with a visual tire improvements and some front suspension improvements shortly, any sound improvements will have to come with the 1.0 release.
A beautiful, fun to drive japanese prototype, thank you very much! Smaller details (tires, headlights, tail lights, rear grill, texture mapping on the left front air duct) could use some visual improvements for v1.0 (better textures, refracting lights etc.) but you are off to a great start.
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Of course, we have plans to incorporate visual improvements in the 1.0 release. And the tires are going to be visually upgraded for the 0.995 release in the near future.
This is great fun and has captured the era perfectly.

Thanks so much and I can see myself spending a lot of time in this.
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Of course! I'm glad you enjoy it!
Congrats the car looks so good and beauty, thank you very much
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Thank you! Please enjoy! Lots more coming down the line.
Great! Keep up the good work!!
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Thanks! We have two different updates in the works for this car and we will keep working on the dozens of other cars in early access.
What an adorable little thing! A lot of fun to drive against other GT cars from the era, as you try to leverage your performance in the corners to make up for your pint-sized engine!
Historic Sim Studios LLC
Historic Sim Studios LLC
It is isn't it! I enjoy taking it to smaller club layouts and really throwing it around.

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